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Posted 2018-05-08T16:11:22Z

Sign Up Genius for Suzi

Some of Suzi's friends wanted a way to help the Jozokos Family, and made a sign up page to do just that.  The program is called Sign Up Genius.  It is a way for people to sign up to be with Suzi when the family either may not be able to, or to provide a meal for the family.  Mark will be heading back to work full time soon and we are using this to communicate when there are times that Suzi could use some company.  Suzi's parents are there every morning and Mark's parents are there every afternoon, as well as the kids on and off, 24/7.  Right now there are not many available slots, but eventually when Mark does go back full time, there will be lots of availability.  Here is the link to the sign up page.  There will be more time slots added, so check back when you can.  Suzi makes progress every day and loves having visitors.  Visitors are welcome any time of day, so please don't feel obligated to sign up just to visit. More can be explained on the sign up page, but if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!  

Here is the link:


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