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Suzy Wald's Progress Journal

This site is to help provide updates on how Suzy is doing and help with scheduling visits to see her.

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Six Months

On May 28 we reached six months since Suzy’s stroke.  This milestone amazes us and frustrates us. On the negative side, we both wish that Suzy was further along in her recovery. It is very isolating for us in different ways. Suzy because she wishes she were more independent and better able to express herself. She has a lot to contribute and she wants to be able to share what she is going through but cannot do either easily. She is also tired of being waited on. For me it is difficult because it is hard to share what we are going through (although writing this helps).

On the other side, when we reflect on where we were six months ago and all we’ve been through, we are in awe at where we are. Six months ago Suzy couldn’t move her right side except as a reflex to pain and she couldn’t express herself at all. Four months ago when Suzy and were married she couldn’t walk and I wasn’t sure she would be able to say “I do”. Two months ago we still weren’t sure we would be able to move into our new house because of the stairs. 

Now we are in a new house that is truly a healing environment. Her son Nicolas is now staying with us every other week like prior to the stroke. Suzy is going on walks on her own. Suzy spends much of each day without caregivers present - she can do so much for herself. Under supervision Suzy is starting to take steps alternating her feet for each level rather than relying on her strong leg. Suzy danced with me in our new kitchen the other day.

We know in our hearts that this is a long process but we are still impatient.  We know that we will likely still have frustrations six months from now, but we also look forward to being in awe at where we are at in November  

We apologize for the long delay in updates. Life has been hectic. Hopefully we will have more regular updates now that things are settling down. 

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