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Suzy Wald's Progress Journal

This site is to help provide updates on how Suzy is doing and help with scheduling visits to see her.

Latest journal entry


About one year ago (sadly I don't remember the exact date) Suzy and I went on a hike in Rock Creek Park.  On that hike, underneath a magnificent beech tree, I asked her to marry me.  

On November 25th 2018, the last family activity that Suzy, Nicolas, and I did before her stroke was go for a hike in Greenbelt Park and then have a meal at the Silver Diner.  

Yesterday Suzy and I went for our first hike in Greenbelt since her stroke.  I won't say that it wasn't significantly different.  It was.  But it was really enjoyable as well.  

Life brings unexpected changes but it is up to us what we make of it.  At the same time, I am happy for the consistency of having Suzy and hikes in the woods.

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