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Suzy Wald's Progress Journal

This site is to help provide updates on how Suzy is doing and help with scheduling visits to see her.

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Posted 2020-03-21T20:35:53Z

Eerie Times

Sorry it has been so long since we've posted.  The last three months have been hectic for both of us but now with the covid virus we are being forced to slow down and change our routines.  We are trying to look at that as a good thing.  There is a lot of news to catch up on, but I have to provide some sad news - the PostHope platform will be shutting down in June.  That gives us two more months to communicate with you this way before we need to find another route to provide you with updates.  If you have suggestions (please something other than Facebook) send us a comment to let us know.

I'll start with the latest news and then work backwards for future posts over the next few days as I catch up.  As with everyone else, our latest news surrounds covid and how it has impacted us.  My first thought on this is that our last post was about going to the gym for the first time - we've been pretty regular about going, but now that isn't possible.  We were at the gym two hours before it closed for covid and who knows when it will reopen.  That may not seem like a big deal - but having that equipment turned out to be amazing for Suzy.  She was really improving her strength and coordination. 

Another negative is that it looks like her therapy sessions - speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy will all be curtailed.  We may be able to set up something over the computer, but Suzy really does better face to face.  That being said, she does respond well to challenges and this is definitely a challenge.

The good news is that now I'm at home with her 24/7 too so that means I'm more able work with her regularly.  She is pretty self-sufficient with a lot of her exercises, but like all of us, having someone else is helpful to make sure that her form is good and to push her to do more.  There are also definitely exercises that Suzy needs someone else to help with.  My work schedule meant that she didn't get that help regularly.  Now that i'm home, i think I can take breaks from work to help her.  It will help her and it will help me!

I don't really know if Suzy is a "high risk" person from her stroke.  I hope not.  All we can do is do our best to try and stay healthy and be vigilant if one of us does get ill.  Okay everyone, take care! 

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