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Suzy Wald's Progress Journal

This site is to help provide updates on how Suzy is doing and help with scheduling visits to see her.

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Help for Suzy's Family

Many of you have reached out asking if you can help Suzy financially to help cover her medical expenses.  Fortunately so far it appears that Suzy's insurance is working just as insurance should and we are doing okay in that area.  That being said, Suzy's son, Osage is in his sophomore year of college and Suzy was helping pay for it.   Right now it seems likely that Suzy will not be able to return to work for a while and therefore she may not be able to cover what she planned to pay of Osage's tuition.  

Soon after Suzy's stroke, her former husband, Bill Kaczor set up a go fund me campaign to help raise money for her anticipated medical bills.  Hopefully the funds won't be needed for that purpose.  Instead, if you would like to help Suzy financially, our intent is instead to use these donations to pay for Suzy's portion of Osage's college expenses.  You can donate to the campaign at this link:  

Thanks to everyone for your outpouring of support!  Suzy's recovery will be a marathon and your help cheering her on is working!  She works hard every day and makes progress every day towards the finish line!  

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