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Suzy Wald's Progress Journal

This site is to help provide updates on how Suzy is doing and help with scheduling visits to see her.

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Homecoming 3

Sorry for this long overdue update.  The good news is that there is no question of Suzy’s status – she has been home for the last week and she continues to improve from a rather serious infection of her surgical sites. Additionally she continues to improve physically and in her language abilities – all this despite having spent two weeks of the last month in the hospital and a lot of that in ICU. Soon Suzy will start an intensive outpatient therapy “day” program that we hope will really help her. Suzy’s parents have been in town to help and her mother will be staying with us indefinitely which is very helpful to Suzy.

Because of the infection Suzy must have IV antibiotics two times a day – something that takes a couple of hours to complete.  It is an understatement to say that this is not Suzy's favorite activity.  The good news is that administering the IV drip doesn't interfere with Suzy's daily activities.  We are trying to do this first thing in the AM and in the early evening so that Suzy can have a regular day.  We  try and make the time fun/relaxing by having coffee, listening to the news, or watching a show or a movie.  

We have now completed the first week of doing the IV at home.  She has four more weeks to go.  It seems to be getting a bit easier for her and for us - her involuntary nurses.

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