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Posted 2019-11-30T19:49:32Z

A Year and a Day

One year and one day ago Suzy suffered her stroke.  It is very difficult for me to think back to that time.  It is easy to remember how frightened I was not knowing if Suzy would live or what her condition would be.  It is still so vivid seeing Suzy helpless in the ICU with tons of tubes and cords attached to her.  I don't know if it is avoidance, but I try not to go there.  

Instead we focus on the present while working towards a future.  Instead of thinking about how a year ago Suzy spent the next two months in a wheelchair - not able to walk on her own, Suzy and I took a record breaking walk.  Suzy breaks walking records every week or two now - adding an other block to her already long walks!  Instead of thinking about how Suzy got an extreme punk haircut a year ago today, Suzy and I went to the salon and were pampered getting a transition haircut as she moves from short hair to long. 

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Comments (2)

  • Zita Rostas
    Zita Rostas

    Anniversaries like this are difficult, to say the least. I have a friend who celebrates every year being alive, on the day he almost died. He calls it ‘alive day’. While I can think of many other reasons to celebrate, being alive is a pretty good one. Hugs to you both.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Emerson LaJoie
    Emerson LaJoie

    I remember those days too. Her brave face. Her humor. Her love. It was beyond scary to think she might not.... So glad she has come so far away from those days.

    4 months ago · Reply
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