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Posted 2019-11-30T20:02:29Z


We are soon going to get a new device for Suzy.  It is made by a company called Bioness.  It is cuff that fits around the leg just below the knee.  It has electrodes that stimulate the calf muscle to fire lifting her foot when she takes a step.  It is exciting for a lot of reasons.  First, we only recently understood that the device she currently has will cause her calf muscle to atrophy if she wears it all the time.  We are not interested in that.  Second, the device she has now fits in her shoe around her foot and it means that she has to wear oversized running shoes all the time - not exactly fashionable!  

This new device is cool - it helps build muscles, helps make the brain reconnect with the nerves that fire to lift the foot, and allow for Suzy to wear any shoe she wants (or none at all)!  We are very hopeful that this is the thing that will really turbocharge the recovery of her leg!

We are having to pay for this device on our own as health insurance isn't covering it.  That being said, it is affordable thanks to the "Go Fund Me" account that her ex-husband set up.  Suzy and I thank everyone that donated to it!  It has helped us with her healthcare and helped by for Osage's college education at a time where Suzy's income has been limited.  The account can be found here: 

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