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Posted 2019-11-30T20:08:00Z

Open Season

We are currently in Open Season for health insurance with the DC government. In the next couple of weeks Suzy and I need to make a decision about what insurance to have for us for the upcoming year and it is difficult to know what to do.  Do we stick with what we know?  Suzy currently has the Kaiser HMO plan.  Or do we go with a PPO where we may be able to try more unconventional treatments for Suzy that are not covered by the HMO.

If anyone has advice on what to go with (DC has Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and Kaiser) or has advice on what questions to ask the providers, please send an email or post in the comments!  

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  • Maisie Hughes
    Maisie Hughes

    Steve, My advice is to ask a lot of questions before switching plans. I have the CareFirst PPO and it is okay but expensive. I realize I have no idea what it would be like if I were to become truly sick. I chose it because my doctors were all in plan with that insurance and I like my doctors. Changing insurers may mean (or probably definitely will mean if your are switching from Kaiser) new doctors, new coverage limits and new surprises about what is not covered. I also contacted my doctors office, they usually have at least one person in billing that knows helpful information. I specifically asked them "what insurance carriers cover most issues you see in your office?" and "which insurance providers are unlikely to cover very much of anything?" Those ladies in billing have strong, fact based options that I found to be helpful. You can also call the insurance providers themselves and they will walk you through what all of the coverage means and can tell you which of your current doctors are in network. I hope this is helpful and I am rooting for you guys. xoxo Maisie

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Emerson LaJoie
    Emerson LaJoie

    Might it be useful to perhaps ask a PT therapist/agency for input on which insurance plans/companies they know of that provide the most unconventional/progressive treatments?

    4 months ago · Reply
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