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Beth Mullin Beth Mullin

Steve, My husband and I have paid for a weekend at Lost River State Park in in West Virginia and we can't go. I was wondering if you and Suzy would want to go in our stead. It's very beautiful and relaxing with easy hiking trails. The down side is that you need to bring your own food. There is (or was when we last went) a convenience store near by, but they don't have much. The cabin could be yours May 3-5. Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

Beth Mullin

Keren O'Brien Murphy Keren O'Brien Murphy

Hi Suzy,

My calendar reminder just went of because it is time for our 3pm check in at Peet's. I am going to go get a green tea and take a mental health break.

latanya farrish robinson latanya farrish robinson

Thank you for sharing Suzy's progress. She is in my thoughts and prayers. May your strength be renewed daily.

Adjua Adjua

Hi Neighbor Suzy
Adjua says Hello! Wow the boys are so big! I remember when your first was born and then the second son. Your neighbor and friend...the corner of 30th and Bunker Hill sends you healing energy and positive vibes. I know by the summer you will be walking the blocks! This is what I pray and what I see for you! NO BS just believing. Take very good care of yourself!

Gretchen Mikeska Gretchen Mikeska

Hi Suzy, We just got from Maine today - I hope to visit soon. One of the most inspiring events (in addition to some lovely cross country skiing) was Janet Mill's inauguration - Maine's first female governor! Please check out Shy Paca and her friend's version of This Girl is on Fire. You'll love it! Not a dry eye in the house


Deb Burgess Deb Burgess

I think of you everyday. I read about the progress you are making and I'm encouraged for you. I feel the love everyone has for you, especially Steve. It makes me cry tears of hope. I know I will be seeing you soon and you will be telling me about all the hard work you have put in to overcome this. With love and support,

Russell S Clark Russell S Clark

Hey Suzy,
I saw this quote and thought of you…Every flower must grow through dirt. Your roots are strong and have all the fuel needed to push every flower in your future into a full bloom. You have already pushed some to bloom and soon you will have a huge field of them representing all of the progress you have made. As others have said, we are “rooting” for you!

Denise J Denise J

Im thinking about you often Ms. Suzy and wishing you a very loving, healing, extraordinary new year! All the love to you, Denise on 31st

larissa etwaroo larissa etwaroo

Hey Suzy & Steve,

Hope you both are having a wonderful holiday surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, and all the things that make you so happy. We are so glad to hear that you are making such great progress, little by little, day by day. It's no doubt due your fighting spirit and fierce determination. I miss your beautiful face, and Steve's semi-funny jokes, so am glad that he will be returning soon. I adore the heck out of you, and look forward to hearing more on your journey through this. You'll be better than ever, and so will we for having you back. Lots of love to you both and the kids. - Larissa & Alex XOXOXO

Sudi Litchfield Sudi Litchfield

Hi Suzy,
I was so pleased to hear that you are making progress, you will do this. Please know that my thoughts surround you with the intent they will feel like gentle hugs. You go girlfriend, we are all in your corner.
Thanks to Steve for keeping us posted on your progress.
Best wishes and positive thoughts to you,
Sudi Litchfield

Jeffrey Oser Jeffrey Oser

Happy Xmas and New Years Suzy,

Everyday, I think of your incredible progress, am grateful to have you as a mentor, and ask myself what you would do when a work problem comes up. You are missed, and we are all routing for you. Keep up your amazing progress!


Heather Okvat & Mike Farmer Heather Okvat & Mike Farmer

Merry Christmas, Suzy! We so enjoyed meeting you and Steve at the family reunion on Martha’s Vineyard. Here is a photo of that great time together! We are with you in spirit this Christmas, and rooting for you and looking forward to keeping in contact.

Therese Forbes Therese Forbes

Merry Christmas Eve, Suzy!

I think you like hummingbirds, so here are a couple of photos I took from my Arizona trip last year. They are not that colorful but still pretty cool. I was at Ramsey Canyon Preserve where they have a hummingbird sanctuary. It is so beautiful there. I could just spend the entire day there watching all the incoming and outgoing birds. I hope you enjoy them!

See you soon, my friend.

Emily Rice Emily Rice

Happy Christmas Eve, Suzy! I really enjoyed our visit over the weekend.....discovering all the nooks and crannies of the rehab hospital! My favorite part was when the doors spontaneously opened and we felt the cool fresh air of the outside. Love you and looking forward to our next visit.

XO, Emily

PS. Steve says you took a helicopter ride. Here's me with the MPD copter a few summers ago! I didn't get to go up though :(

Sandy McGee Sandy McGee

Dear Suzy -
It's so wonderful to hear of your amazing progress. We think of you so often and wish you the best as you recover. Our love to you and Steve -
Sandy and Tom