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Tracking Steve's journey with AML and stem cell transplant.

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May 2, 10:10 pm

Day 876 of the transplant cycle.  First thing this morning was an appointment with the PROSE doctor.  Along with the flaring of the GVHD of the skin, Steve has been experiencing vision clarity issues as well.  The doctors suspect that the vision issues are GVHD related as well.  During the vision testing today, correction was needed in both eyes, the left more than the right, in order to get him back to where he was back in December.  There are a couple of options, increase the strength of the PROSE lenses (which we are not sure that the insurance will pay for since we are past the 6 month fitting period) or get a pair of glasses to compensate for the distance vision.  Unfortunately with the unstable state of Steve's eyes right now, we think that we may hold off for a month and see if the eyes improve as the immunosuppressant  gets closer to the therapeutic level.  His body is going through so much right now with the immunosuppressant drug not being at therapeutic levels and not keeping the GVHD under control.  We are going to see the PROSE doctor again in about a month.  Hopefully Steve's levels will be improved by then and his eyes more stable in order to get a longer term correction for them.  

We did make the drive home safely after the appointment and picked up Steve's prescription blood thinner so he can get started on that.  Overall he is doing well after the procedure and looking forward to getting the GVHD under control.

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