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Tracking Steve's journey with AML and stem cell transplant.

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Feb 13, 2019; 10:55 PM

Day 1163 of the transplant cycle.  As promised, Steve had his left lung tapped this morning.  The doctor was surprised to remove 1.6 liters of fluid and the CT scan indicates that there is about that much in the right lung as well.  But to true to protocol, they did not tap the right lung as they can only do one lung per procedure.  The good news is that there is no infection or pneumonia, therefore no need for the bronchoscopy.  The doctor has prescribed a higher dosage of Lyrica to address the fluid in the right lung and hopefully prevent the fluid from coming back in the left. 

The Cardiopulmonologist  is still in discussions with the GVHD specialist and the Transplant doctor  to come up with a plan for Steve's steroid regimen.  Which we hope they will come to terms with when we return to Houston in two weeks.  They have scheduled Steve for a sleep study and a 'swallow' study to determine the degree of weekness or atrophy of the  muscles needed for air flow and swallowing. 

So for now, we are home again.  Steve is sore from the procedure, but has noticed some relief from having a clearer lung!  I will share updates as I have them, but none really expected for a couple of weeks now. 

Tomorrow we are off to a romantic morning in the photopheresis lab! Happy Valentine's Day!

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