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Tracking Steve's journey with AML and stem cell transplant.

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Aug 14, 8:33 pm

Day 980 of the transplant cycle.  The appointment Steve's clinic (transplant) doctor was really pretty quick. She just wanted to do a quick exam and let Steve know that she is just going to let the GVHD specialist drive Steve's treatment plan now since he is considered to be a transplant patient with complex GVHD issues.  She is comfortable with the course that the GVHD specialist has laid out and therefore she doesn't need to see Steve again for 6 months.  

So we made our way home without issue.  The weather was nice.  The Houston traffic was as sparse as I have ever seen it so it was a good day!  We still haven't seen any new appointments yet for the chest catheter but we will continue to monitor and push to get these scheduled as soon as possible.  Will keep you posted.....

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