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Tracking Steve's journey with AML and stem cell transplant.

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Jul 8, 11:30 pm

Day 1308 of the transplant cycle.  Well it is time again, we drove down to Houston yesterday.  What were we thinking, 4th of July weekend?! Most of the drive was bumper to bumper for hours and that was when we were moving!  But we did make it in one piece which, thank goodness!  Today, Steve had the stitch removed from his right eye from the cataract surgery.  The doctor said that his eye couldn't look any better.  So we are just waiting for the surgery for the left eye at the end of this month.  The only other appointments that he had today were the obligatory blood draw and the follow-up with the GVHD Specialist and the Dermatologist.  Both were very happy with the look of Steve's skin.  No active GVHD, lots of coloration changes but they tell us that is his previous skin pigmentation coming back randomly which is Good News!  In fact they are so happy that we don't have another follow-up for 2 1/2 months.  The GVHD Specialist did lower Steve's steroid dosage to 5 milligram 7 days a week instead of alternating 5 and 10 milligrams during the week. 

Tomorrow, Steve will see cardiopulmonary, cardiology and take a PFT.  They will probably schedule a chest x-ray too.  As Steve has been testing his lungs by going without oxygen when around the house and not exerting, we are hoping that they will confirm that he can be weaned off the oxygen.  In addition, the drain of his pleural effusion is at an every other day routine, but the amount has decreased to a point where we might be able to schedule the removal of the tube.  Tomorrow will tell, so more updates to come.

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