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Tracking Steve's journey with AML and stem cell transplant.

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Oct 3, 9:03 pm

Day 1030 of the transplant cycle. The appointment with the GVHD dentist went well.  He says that Steve's mouth looks so much better than it did before and thinks that he can treat the sensitivity of the lips and mouth that is coming back with a targeted cream and prescription toothpaste.  So with new prescriptions in hand we headed home.  The traffic was sooooo much better on the way home today.  We heard from Steve's HR that a group number has been setup for the new insurance now but employee information has not been entered into the system yet.  So we are hoping that this gets rectified by the end of this week so we can get the prescriptions filled and picked up and start the pre-authorization for the photopheresis so Steve doesn't experience too large of a gap in his treatment process.  I will endeavor to post updates periodically in this month as we will more than likely be headed back to Houston for the tests that we couldn't get done this trip.  

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