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Tracking Steve's journey with AML and stem cell transplant.

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May 16, 9:04 pm

Day 1255 of the transplant cycle.  A quick recap of yesterday, Steve had his second session of photopheresis which tends to make him pretty tired these days so we used a wheel chair for most of the other appointments of the day.  The appointment with ophthalmology was to get cleared for cataract surgery. Steve is tentatively scheduled for cataract surgery for one eye in early June, the other eye in mid July and a follow-up in August.  Sounds like a busy summer already! The final appointment of the day was with cardiology (actually a PA in cardiology).  It seems that we can never see a actual doctor in that department.  At any rate, the PA wants to start Steve back on the blood pressure medication primarily for the heart rate, not for high blood pressure.  She wants him to start on a very low dose and only at night before he goes to bed so it will not affect his blood pressure and mobility.  Steve is to keep a log of his blood pressure and heart rate while taking this low dose of medication.  The PA waited until we were an hour out of Houston today to call us and suggest that we come back and pick up a heart monitor for Steve to wear for about 30 days.  We decline to return and so she is going to send it to us.  Steve is less excited about carting around a heart monitor in addition to his oxygen everywhere he goes!  The bronchoscopy rounded out our visit this morning, I will say that I had completely loaded the car yesterday before the hotel finally called me and told me that they could let us stay another night.  So I got to unload the car again so we could stay and have his procedure done this morning.   I can't say that I don't get some random exercise in here and there!  At any rate, Steve's bronchoscopy went off without a problem and they even got us in and out earlier than expected.  So we made the drive home and just finished today's chest tube drain.  Looking forward to sleeping in our own bed again!

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