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Posted 2019-07-25T03:26:20Z

Jul 24, 10:09 pm

Day 1324 of the transplant cycle.  Time flies, it is time for Steve's cataract surgery on the left eye.  We drove to Houston yesterday and today Steve had his pre-op visit.  His right eye has done great and Steve can't wait to get the left eye done so he can get his PROSE lenses adjusted and he can see again!  During the pre-op visit today, they also tested his right eye with corrective lenses and in his right eye he was able to see 20/20!  That was awesome!  

Let me do a quick recap of the past couple of weeks.  Steve has been doing pretty well.  He has had some nausea, but has been able to manage it pretty well, shutting it down before it becomes an episode. He does fight edema in his feet and legs which tends to cause blistering of the skin and of course, the resulting pain.  We know that photopheresis causes edema, but on the plus side it is helping with the GVHD of the skin.  It is a double edged sword!  

Tomorrow is an early surgery, be there at 7:00 am and surgery at 8:00.  Friday will be a post op visit.  We were not able to get an appointment with the PROSE lens doctor until Monday so we are staying for the weekend.....didn't make sense to drive home just for a day.  We are hoping that the PROSE doctor will fit him for the lens for his right eye, too early after the surgery for the left but at least he can get some vision back with the right.  Steve found us another apartment to stay in while we are here.   It is quite nice and gives me the opportunity to cook our meals.

I will post an update tomorrow after the surgery.  

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Comments (3)

  • Valerie Kaatz-Hale
    Valerie Kaatz-Hale

    Yay for 20/20!!! I bet he is so happy! Good luck on the surgery tomorrow and 20/20 in the other eye very soon!! Love y’all

    11 months ago · Reply
  • Debbie Hattle
    Debbie Hattle

    How great it is to hear such good news! Sending our love and prayers for success with the left eye too! We hope you have a relaxing and peaceful weekend! Love, Bill and Deb

    11 months ago · Reply
  • Linda Dekar
    Linda Dekar

    What good news and we hope the surgery on the left eye also goes well and the edema improves. I hope you have a chance to relax this weekend, the two of you certainly deserve it. Love, Linda

    11 months ago · Reply