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Posted 2019-07-26T03:30:36Z

Jul 25, 10:16 pm

Day 1325 of the transplant cycle.  So the left cataract surgery was a success! Steve spent most of the day resting.  He has the post op appointment tomorrow morning and then the rest of the weekend we are planning to rest and keep Steve out of the bright sunlight.  In fact, I think that it is supposed to rain here for most of the weekend.  Monday we will meet with the PROSE doctor and then head home.  

Steve remined me that I haven't mentioned the potential removal of his chest tube lately and that is because we have pushed to have it left in for a bit longer.  We are draining every other day and the rule of thumb for removal is that we have 3 continuous drains of less than 150 milliliters.  We are not anywhere near that..... his drains average around 250 milliliters.  We are afraid that if we remove it prematurely that the fluid will build like it did before and either cause an infection or have to be drained via a procedure anyway.  Until the doctors can figure out exactly what is causing the fluid build-up and can alleviate the cause, we will maintain the fluid levels via the tube. 

That's about it for now.  Will update before leaving for home.


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  • Lisa Moreland
    Lisa Moreland

    I am catching up reading your last two posts! Wow, LOVE hearing the 20/20 vision - that is great. I'm sure it's like a whole new world to discover! Also love the rest of the positive news. Prayers continue and I wish you a peaceful, healing weekend...and I love the sound of you saying you can cook your own meals. I find it challenging with working, but my favorite meals are ones I cook my own food at home...or someone else is cooking. It helps me relax and reduces stress! Miss your smile girl...we are ever still searching for that right time to connect! Have a great weekend, safe travels and much healing!!

    11 months ago · Reply