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Posted 2019-07-31T04:35:35Z

Jul 30, 11:16 pm

Day 1330 of the transplant cycle.  The post op visit on Friday went well, meaning that the eye looked good and the vision was a little better, but will continue to improve as it heals.  The stitch will be removed on our next visit mid August.  The weekend was restful, Steve was able to nap and keep his feet elevated to alleviate the edema.  A quick note about Steve's edema, his skin no longer has the raised red bumps, it is actually quite dry and flakey now with the added issue of raised clear blisters that randomly appear.  In fact, we have issues with them developing under his dressing for his chest tube.  I sometimes think that we are in an episode of House and they haven't found the right diagnosis yet!  

At any rate, Steve was scheduled to see the PROSE lens doctor on Monday afternoon.  Unfortunately we had to check out of the apartment around noon and the appointment wasn't until 3:00.  While waiting in the waiting room, Steve started to experience on of his episodes.  It wasn't good.  He spent over an hour in the bathroom and became pretty weak pretty fast.  Fortunately I was able to get a wheelchair and with the men's restroom cleared out,  go in and get Steve so we could just head home. So he missed his appointment with the PROSE lens doctor, but he is scheduled to see her again in mid August.  

Steve was pretty sick most of the way home.  He was finally able to keep something down once we got home and did get a good night's sleep.  Today, he was feeling much better.  Rehydrated and good appetite.  

He will have another day to rest and then he has photopheresis scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Will keep you posted when we are headed back to Houston mid August. 




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  • Debbie Hattle
    Debbie Hattle

    Boy, those episodes strike without warning it seems. I hope Steve bounces back well. I know it takes a lot out of him. No doubt he will be looking forward to his PROSE lens fitting in August. Love you guys, Deb

    11 months ago · Reply