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Posted 2014-07-01T23:45:30Z

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jigg!!

Audrey has come home!!  

Sunday 6/29/14:  Audrey made such wonderful progress this day her nurses were telling her that she would be able to go home on Monday!  So to help her cause Audrey went for a walk again and ate her dinner.  By the time I traded places with my mom to take over in the hospital, Audrey was overly exhausted.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-29T17:16:57Z

Went for a walk!

Today the goal is to walk and get movin' and groovin'.  So after breakfast, Audrey and I went for a walk.  I wheeled Audrey around for a time in a wheelchair, and then we went to the Healing Garden.  Audrey told me she wanted to walk around the garden, so up she went!  Slow moving, but she did a great job!  After strolling the Healing Garden, Audrey and I went to the third floor of the hospital.  We were on a mission to find the Chapel.  Our first stop though was the fun ball display.  Audrey liked watching the balls go through their obstacle course.  After the ball center, we went on our walking journey to find the Chapel.  We finally found it and went in.  Audrey wanted to say a prayer, so she got out of the wheelchair and walked to the center of the Chapel and sat down in one of the chairs.  We did the sign of the cross and said a Hail Mary, an Our Father, and we thanked God for quick healing and a successful surgery.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-28T16:11:17Z

Getting better each day!

This morning Audrey had all of her drainage tubes taken out, her IV that was in her neck (not sure what that was for), and today is the day she os going to start working at getting better.  She is up right now watching a movie, which is more than she has been doing for the past two days.  The goal for today is to go to sit in a chair twice, walk to the bathroom and actually use the bathroom.  It is going to be a very hard day today.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-27T15:32:16Z

Still going.

Audrey is still trucking along!  The breathing tube was removed yesterday, and today two more wires have been taken out (as of right now).  The goal for today is to get her to eat something small and to try and sit in a chair.  As her doctor told us today, "It's her free day today, so if she doesn't want to do these things today, that's fine.  We are not going to push her today."  So we will encourage, but if she doesn't want to, then ok.  It's going to be a quiet and easy day for her.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-26T18:24:11Z

Out of Surgery!!!

Audrey is now out of surgery!!!!  She did very well and the doctor said there were no complications.  This has been a very hard and difficult time for my family.  Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent well wishes.  Now we can relax and play cards!  :)) Any takers??  We have UNO, Phase 10, and regular deck of cards..... we also have coloring books, movies, books to read, and other quiet activities to do.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-26T14:35:03Z

Last night and Surgery

Last night we watched Disney's Tarzan and ate cookie cake.  Audrey called it a night around 10:20.  Chris and I went to bed shortly after.  Not realizing how much I was holding in, as soon as I relaxed the tears started.  All Chris could do was hold me.  I knew he was as scared as I was.  We all finally fell asleep around 11:00.[...]

Posted 2014-06-25T13:47:57Z

In Austin

Audrey, Alex and I are in Austin.  We arrived last night and had a fun dinner at Audrey's favorite place: Red Robin.... Yum!  Today we go to the hospital for pre-op.  It should take about 2-4 hours depending on wait time and lab results.  This is going to be a busy day for my sweet Audrey.  [...]

Posted 2014-06-06T01:06:01Z

"Why Me?"

"Why me mommy?  Why do I have all the bad stuff happen to me?"  

The question no mother ever wants to answer for her child.  Audrey has begun asking this question and I am not sure what to tell her.  I could tell her the adult version: well sweetie you were born with a hole in your heart, which is normal but for some reason it didn't close. Now you have to get it closed because your heart is so big because of the hole.  [...]