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Posted 2014-06-28T16:11:17Z

Getting better each day!

This morning Audrey had all of her drainage tubes taken out, her IV that was in her neck (not sure what that was for), and today is the day she os going to start working at getting better.  She is up right now watching a movie, which is more than she has been doing for the past two days.  The goal for today is to go to sit in a chair twice, walk to the bathroom and actually use the bathroom.  It is going to be a very hard day today.  

On another note, Chris is leaving to go back to College Station today.  This is very hard for the three of us.  Chris hates that he has to leave, he wants to stay and make sure that Audrey is doing well.  We will have to depend on FaceTime and phone calls until Monday.  He has been staying at the hospital with Audrey and giving up sleep.  I know he will be going to bed early tonight after mass!

The PICU nurse just came in a told us that Audrey is going to be moved to the IMC Unit!!  YAY!!!!  This is the unit that we will be discharged from.  So some good news!  More to come later from the IMC Unit! 

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  • Ann Adams
    Ann Adams

    Go Audrey - YOU ARE AWESOME!

    6 years ago · Reply