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Posted 2014-06-29T17:16:57Z

Went for a walk!

Today the goal is to walk and get movin' and groovin'.  So after breakfast, Audrey and I went for a walk.  I wheeled Audrey around for a time in a wheelchair, and then we went to the Healing Garden.  Audrey told me she wanted to walk around the garden, so up she went!  Slow moving, but she did a great job!  After strolling the Healing Garden, Audrey and I went to the third floor of the hospital.  We were on a mission to find the Chapel.  Our first stop though was the fun ball display.  Audrey liked watching the balls go through their obstacle course.  After the ball center, we went on our walking journey to find the Chapel.  We finally found it and went in.  Audrey wanted to say a prayer, so she got out of the wheelchair and walked to the center of the Chapel and sat down in one of the chairs.  We did the sign of the cross and said a Hail Mary, an Our Father, and we thanked God for quick healing and a successful surgery.  

After the visit to the Chapel, Audrey was ready to head on back to our humble abode in the IMC Unit.  I took the scenic route and showed her where the PICU was and where the waiting room was where Chris and I waited while she was in surgery.  She walked some more in the hallways, and finally she was done.  Once we got back into the IMC Unit, I made Audrey walk back into the room.  She is now exhausted!  We were out and about for 40 minutes.  Now it's time for lunch and a nap.  Until next time...... :)  

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  • Ann Adams
    Ann Adams

    Impressive walk! We think your heart is working good. Go Audrey!

    6 years ago · Reply