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Posted 2017-04-30T20:01:24Z

Electric Wheelchair has arrived

Tara has received her custom, electric wheelchair.  We are grateful for all the generosity of our family and friends.  Without them, this purchase would have never been possible.  Now we just need sunshine and good weather so that Tara can get outside and take in some fresh air.  Love is being sent to all from Tara and her family.  

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Comments (4)

  • Karen. Worzella
    Karen. Worzella

    So happy for the sweetest lady ever! We know this will help you immensely. We will be home in June and we'll set up a time when we can come over and get our hugs! just remember no wheelies in your new chair😛😛 Love you❤

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Lauren Slanec
    Lauren Slanec

    We are so happy to hear you are out in the sunshine, Tara. We hope it fills you with all the love and warmth we feel for you. Love, Danny and Lauren

    2 years ago · Reply
  • James Forsythe
    James Forsythe

    Tara, Happy Spring. Your chair looks like a Permobil, if it is, I have one and you should enjoy the construction and comfort; if it is not a Permobil, but what I can see it looks very well made. In any case, I hope your new chair will bring more liberty, comfort and enjoyment. I love you, jimmy

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Debbie Bell
    Debbie Bell

    Looking good honey! glad you are able to get out and about a bit! Spring is here! love Deb

    2 years ago · Reply