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Posted 2017-12-14T21:05:22Z


I completed my final radiation treatment at 11:10 this morning, and I am so very happy. Now I can put the active/acute treatment chapter behind me and move on to survivorship, for which I’m feeling very optimistic. 

I can’t begin to count the number of positives that have come from this unexpected turn. From the beautiful connections and reconnections with people to getting to know myself better, I honestly feel I have gained more than I have lost. And even though my radiated skin looks and feels like crap, sleep is lousy, and I’m tired to the point of stupidity 🤤, I’m feeling like I just got my life back. Best Christmas gift ever!!!

Happy Holidays, and thanks again for your love and support throughout this process.

(As always, please feel free to share this site with anyone who might benefit from my story. I have benefitted from so many who experienced this before me, and I love the idea of paying it forward.) 


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