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Team Cheryl's Journey

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Herceptin, Rheumatologist, Oncologist Follow-up, Joint Pain, Heart Echo

6/20/18, 7/11/18, 8/1/18: I had Herceptin infusions today and the facility seems to have their overbooking problem under control and things were much more efficient than they had been recently.   

~7/4/18: I started taking the Letrozole maintenance drug I wrote about before that may cause some bad side effects.  Unfortunately, I started having the side effects I was most afraid of:  joint pain/joint weakness.  I have lots of trouble opening jars or Ziploc bags, gripping and carrying things and climbing stairs. 

8/3/18: I finally got back on the schedule of my rheumatologist (who took me off some of my arthritis medication while I was undergoing chemo since it happened to help lessen my arthritis pain and swelling, but now it appears to be back). He put me back on my arthritis medication.  I hope it starts to help soon. 

8/8/18: I had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist today.  He thinks that my joint pain and weakness are as a result of the Letrozole medication so he is switching me to a similar medication which he hopes will not have the[CO1]  same side effects.  In addition, I have been having a strange sensation that a bug was biting me at different places (feet, knees, arm, etc.), yet never saw any bug and I asked him if that could be related to the Letrozole.  He said there is no way.  He suggested acupuncture if the symptoms persist.

In addition, I had an appointment to get a heart Echo since the Herceptin injections might cause heart trouble.  Once I arrived for my appointment, the tech informed me that the is a likelihood that scar tissue from my surgery might block one of the views they want of my heart and, if so, they would have to give me contrast injected through an IV (I DO NOT do well with IVs—that is why I wanted to get the port-o-cath, but they could not use the port so I was really nervous about that.  She really had to press hard right over one of the radiation concentration site which is still tender so it was painful (but better than having to get an IV.  Luckily, the Echo came back clear.

I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to write any updates.  While I’m not back to “usual” yet, once I get my joint pain under control it will go a long way to letting me “play catch-up” with my business.  Luckily, I love my job and it keeps my mind off things to throw myself into work.   


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