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Team Cheryl's Journey

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The End of My Treatment is NEAR!!!

I hope everyone is doing well. I know it has been a while, but there really has not been much to report.  I have been having my Herceptin (monoclonal antibody) infusions once every 3 weeks and started on my daily dose of a maintenance drug (which the doctor expects that I will be on for 5-10 years).  Unfortunately, the worst side effects for me are bone and joint pain.  The first drug I tried was Letrozole and "we really did not get along" so I am now on a similar drug called Exemestane and the bone and joint pain is not as bad, but unfortunately still exists. Once every few days I have what I call phantom pain: any place I have been injured before and where I have had IVs will hurt like the original injury--very bizarre, but I guess this is my new normal.

My LAST infusion is scheduled for the afternoon of December 5th--so I will have my 3rd (and hopefully final) "ringing out" ceremony (the first was after I finished chemo, the second was at the end of radiation treatments and the 3rd for finishing infusions).  My port is coming out on December 12th. YAYYYYY!!!!! 

When I asked my oncologist what I should look for moving forward (anything I should be checking for, etc.)--he said to relax and plan for a long life!  I plan to follow that advice.  Thank you for all of you kind words and support throughout this year of my treatment.  I'll update you when the port is out.

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