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Team Cheryl's Journey

For those who want to keep up with Team Cheryl's journey to KICK Cancer's A$$. When we got home from our first appointment at Baylor, Andrew made a hot pink (my favorite)[...] read more

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Radiation Consultation and Simulation

5/17/18: Today was the radiation simulation.  With the help of a CT scan, they figured out EXACTLY where the radiation will be aimed.  Then they drew on my skin with a permanent ink pen and then they painted lines on my skin and covered several areas with tabs to keep them from washing off.  Now a chemist and dosimetrist will figure out the proper dose of radiation for me.  I will start radiation on Monday, May 21st.  At the 1st-3rd visit (and once/week thereafter) they will verify everything with X-rays. 

5/10/18: On mine and Andrew’s 15th Anniversary, we met with a radiation oncologist to discuss my upcoming radiation treatment.  After looking through my records, she said that I would be taking about 4.5 weeks of radiation. The likely side effects are fatigue and skin irritation at the radiation site.  I will go back on 5/17 for what they call “radiation simulation” where they will draw/paint markers on me to show exactly where radiation will go. 

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