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Posted 2018-12-19T03:52:27Z

My port-a-cath has been removed (on Dec. 12th)!!!!

On December 12th, I had my port-a-cath removed.  Other than the healing of this incision, this marks the END of my cancer treatment!!  This healing may sound like a minor thing to many people, but with my serious port infection that happened this time last year, I won’t feel “at ease” until I know that I don’t have any worries of infection setting in. 

I am very thankful that I had as easy of a time as I did with my treatments—I realize some are not so lucky!! Once I know my port incision has healed, I plan to have my 4th and FINAL ringing out (probably with just a Christmas bell).  For the next 5-10 years I will continue on the maintenance drug, Exemestane.  I will continue to pray that the bone and joint pain (combined with my arthritis) are easy to manage. 

A while back (on October 2nd), upon returning home from a trip, I accidentally closed my finger in the metal door from our garage to the house.  I kept hurting and looked a bit deformed.  So I finally broke down and went to a hand specialist.  He did X-rays and luckily nothing is broken.  I guess between the trauma of the door, my arthritis and the Exemestane, it is just inflamed.  The doctor “offered” to give me a cortisone shot.  I said that my rheumatologist had given me some oral steroids to help with flare ups and he said “Oh, I really don’t like pills” and I said: “Oh, I really don’t like needles”—so he ordered some topical medication which is supposed to help.  Hoping this medication helps.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, prayers and support during this last year.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Shalom—whatever makes you happy during this season!!! 

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