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Team Cheryl's Journey

For those who want to keep up with Team Cheryl's journey to KICK Cancer's A$$. When we got home from our first appointment at Baylor, Andrew made a hot pink (my favorite)[...] read more

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Post-Chemo Days

Here I am almost 10 days after chemo and my symptoms are still about the same as the day after (and I do believe the effects are cumulative—much worse for longer than after the first dose): stomach issues, lack of appetite/food and drink don’t taste good, bloody nose, some back spasms and muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, some tingling in my fingers, toes and lips, what feels like a chemical burn on my hands and now a problem with my left knee.  I am SO excited that I only have one round of chemo left as I am a pretty grumpy patient at this point.  I enjoy having work to distract me 😊

Finally, I want to apologize to those of you who have reached out trying to talk with me—I truly appreciate you thinking of me, I have just been HORRIBLE about making the time to get back with each of you.  I will try to get better.

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