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Team Cheryl's Journey

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Port Placement Done

On Monday (12/11), a team at St. Luke's performed a procedure to insert a "Power Port" into my chest.  I was told that the placement went as planned and other than a few minor logistical blips, everything went well. 

Even though the procedure was supposed to begin at 1pm, due to a few delays, including an emergency case which went ahead of me, I think I finally went into the O.R. around 3pm.  Because I am a "pain wienie" and because of the delays, apparently I was nervous as they kept giving me more drugs to calm me down AND Mom and I were unable to use our cell phone to communicate at all (no cell service for calling, texting or emailing and WIFI didn't work for either of us)--so it didn't help that we could not update people who were expecting to hear from us or distract ourselves with our phone.

In addition, the procedure was expected to take about 30-40 minutes, yet I didn't get back into recovery until about 4:30.  I think it also made those expecting an update a nervous as well. 

With the exception of one nurse (who, bless her heart--nursing does not seem to be her calling), my team was amazing.  I was under conscious sedation throughout the procedure and they not only made me feel at ease, we cut up (the radiation tech sounded EXACTLY like Tracy Morgan and cracked as many jokes), played music--they took requests and I even got to hear "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"--sing, laugh and talk a lot. 

I have 2 incisions which are a little tender and will be surrounded by some bruising for a little while. Tylenol and ice are my friends right now. 

I go in for my first round of chemo and antibody infusions tomorrow (12/14).  I'm ready to get this going and get this cancer out of my body.  Thank you so much to you for your calls, notes, texts and messages.  All are very appreciated.

Love you all, Cheryl

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