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Team Kelli

Our friend, Kelli Polvado, is preparing to undergo a stem cell transplant in May. She will be undergoing treatment at the Houston Medical Center & will be required to live within a couple of miles from the center for at least 30 days. In order to do this, she will need to be in a hotel or small apartment that will house her as well as her mother who will be preparing her daily meals and caring for her. Insurance will not cover this because she will be considered an outpatient. We are asking for friends & family to consider signing up to pledge a donation for at least one day so that Kelli can concentrate on getting well. If we can get 30 friends to sponsor one day, then it will be covered! One day will cost approximately $125 minimum. If you can't donate a whole day, please consider pledging a half day & split the day with a friend. If you can't donate monetarily at this time, please pray for Kelli as she receives treatment. Thank you in advance for helping!