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Team Kim

Kim was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer, please check back here for updates and to follow her along the way.

Latest journal entry

Baby steps...

This week we have been provided more answers to this journey.  The majority of my testing is back.  Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer.  Estrogen +, HER -.  These little tidbits let us know that it is treatable and typically very successful.  My Breast MRI showed no further disease, cheers to that! My lymph nodes did return positive for cancer as well so that does now require chemo and radiation.  Last week we met with Medical Oncology and I will start 20 weeks of chemo shortly.  Here are our upcoming days...

1.  Monday--Chemo Class Monday 5/21.

2.  Tuesday- ECHO and PET Scan. These test ensure that my heart is healthy enough for a ECHO and the PET ensures that there is no other cancer anywhere else in body, specifically due to the positive lymph nodes.

3.  Wednesday-  Genetics and Plastic Surgery.  

4.  Tuesday after Memorial Day they will place a port and this will aid the MD/RN's in administering Chemo.

5.  Thursday, May 31st, is my first Chemo treatment.

Surgery and Radiation are still on the horizion, but will most likely be 10+ weeks down the line.  With all that said, the day that I look forward to the most is Friday, May 25th....the first official day of Summer!  I'm lucky to spend my summer with two little people and a amazing husband who are full of energy, love the pool, enjoy going to the park, and spontaneous trips to local digs.  I"m sure our summer won't be like they have been in the past and there will be many days cuddled on the couch for movies, but these are the days I have been given and we will make the most of them!  

If I've learned anything in the last week, I have a village.  I have a village that has sent flowers, gifts, showed up to give hugs, visited from out of town, weeded my yard, feed my family, gone to sporting events to cheer on my kiddos, and above all reminded me how loved I am.  Please know that I hear you, I may not respond, but I hear you!  Hugs to you all and please keep those prayers going as we go into this next week!

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