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Posted 2018-11-09T03:52:00Z

Here's what happening with Lenox...

Lenox Jane Price, 3 1/2 years-old, is the youngest child of Change and Alex Price and the granddaughter of Nanette Holt.  She has an older sister Amelia (9) and an older brother Maverick (6). 

Lenox has recently been diagnosed with Hurler Scheie Syndrome or MPS1, a rare genetic disorder.  So, finally, the reason is known for her constant respiratory infections, delayed growth, need for glasses (age 1), joint issues, ear infections, delayed speech, - and the list goes on. 

With this diagnosis, Lenox and her family are starting a challenging journey.  She is in the process of getting lab work, MRIs, scopes, surgeries and possibly stem cell replacement, so she can then begin an enzyme therapy treatment for the rest of her life.  At this point, that means WEEKLY trips on Mondays to Little Rock Children's Hospital for a 6 hour enzyme injection.  Remember, she's 3 1/2!  Also note that both of her parents have full-time jobs and 2 other children who need their care.  Getting Lenox the treatment she needs will be an enormous undertaking.  

Please pray for this family, that their schedules can be managed, that their insurance covers the treatment, that their finances can sustain them and that the emotional toll will be manageable.  This site will be used to provide updates on Lenox's treatment and conditions and the rest of the family.  

Several friends have begun praying and fasting for Lenox on Wednesdays.  If you are inclined to make Wednesdays (or any day or time) a Lenox day, please join in.  You prayers and support are appreciated.  Since there is definitely power in prayer and numbers, feel free to share Lenox with your family and friends. 

Thank you,  The Chance Price Family and Ma'am (Nanette)

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