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Team Light Brigade, Braving ALS

This is to update family and friends near and far on Chris’s journey with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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Posted 2019-12-24T21:29:23Z

Merry and not so Bright ❤️💚

Merry Christmas Eve! Folks this will be my last journal entry, since  my Yaya has met Jesus by now his light is brighter. 

This past Sunday we held a celebration of Chris’s life. In the cold damp day, about 100 people showed there love for our Chris. Story after story of his character, his humor, his faithful friendships, his love for his friends, his love of family, how proud of his children, his pride that they both graduated college and his love of adventure.  The Bushole No Pants National Tour, oh the stories were endless from Kerry, Laura, Mike A. and Mark. Love and Laughter, filled our home as folks gathered  in groups to share stories and love. 
Although, the weather outside was blustery, the spirit and soul of Chris Lee Clutter kept us warm. Chloe set up a memory jar for folks to share a special memory of her Daddy. Cory made a video of his Dad through the years.  It truly was a CELEBRATION of Chris. 
Love can’t be turned off like a light switch, thank goodness because my Yaya was so BRIGT out memories will live in our hearts forever. 
May God Bless each of you this Holiday season, it will be a little quitter this year. But, this I’m sure heaven just got a lot louder. Chris loved his life and his music LOUD! 
Thank you for your prayers and your love on this journey, Us Clutters have felt your love. 

Merry Christmas dear family and friends from Chris’s Krewe!  As 2020 approaches, remember what Chris would say to all ....Go Be Awesome! 💙

Much love, 

Jeannine minus one Yaya 143

From:Mark, Peggy, Mike Ard, Mike Weidie, Cory, Chloe, Shelby and Sam (Krewe of Yaya)


PS-and GEAUX T I G E R S 💜💛

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