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Another month down! This past month was busy for us but uneventful health wise! That's the way we like it.
Over the past month we celebrated Sofia's last day of school, her first dance recital, graduation parties, Birthdays, Father's Day and a baptism! It feels good to be celebrating with our friends and families! Sofia also started swim lessons which has been amazing! After just one session, she was swimming! We only have two days left but she will continue to practice all day, every day at home! Between our pool and our trampoline she is constantly moving! She is exhausted at the end of the day.
We also did another awesome thing, but I'm saving that for a separate post!
Yesterday we had out last treatment in our first year of maintenance!! The chemo infusion is only 5 minutes but it's a long day! Arrive and wait, labs and wait, get into a room and wait, talk to the NP and wait, chemo check and double check and wait! Finally you're done and you have to wait for the pharmacy to finish all your home meds! Luckily the vincristine chemo doesn't seem to bother her but today she was complaining about her tummy hurting which is most likely from this round of steroids that she takes twice a day. Her counts were great at 2200 but they are going to keep her home chemo at 50% for another month.
Next month starts our second year of maintenance, which means LP's are only once every 3 months!! I have held Sofia while she gets put under, more times than you can imagine. At the end of all of this I will count but right now I don't even want to know the number. Looking forward and not behind.
This next month will be about playing, swimming and helping take care of my mom. After a very hard year on drug that took her to the brink, her tumor has shrunk enough that they now feel it can be removed! So on July 3rd they will remove her entire pancreas. When she wakes up she will be diabetic but she will hopefully be cancer free! It is a long hard surgery but that lady can get through anything! My mom had lost her son, her husband, her parents, her sister and countless friends. But even on her hardest days she makes sure she comes to visit Sofia and Noni, and make them feel special. I can't possibly explain how lucky I am to have her as my mom!
So thank you all for your love and prayers for us. When we started this post 19 months ago, we had no idea what the future had in store. And today, we still have no idea! But we have learned to love and appreciate every day. And that the power of prayer is strong! #teamsofia