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Posted 2018-06-28T07:01:49Z

3 months off treatment

Month 3 is behind us! Today was Sofia’s monthly blood work and check up. Even though sofia has been feeling great it is hard to not worry when we walk into these appointments. Just three weeks ago I started noticing that Sofia had a lot of bruising on her legs. This is a huge trigger for me as that was her very first symptom almost three years ago. After a couple of frantic conversations with her Oncologist I took a deep breathe and watched the bruises fade over the week. PTSD is real and it hits fast and hard!
Today Sofia was practically skipping her way into the hospital which puts me at ease. Happy to report that her numbers came back looking great. Deep Breathe. Do it again in 4 weeks!
Since my last post about Sofia’s foot and her AVN, things have gotten much better. Instead of daily pain in her foot she sometimes goes a whole week without limping or pain. We will still plan scanning her again in October to check the other bones. This summer we will just take activities day by day. Appreciate and enjoy every day!
Thank you for the continued support for our family. I will attach some pictures from the past two months. I hope you all have an amazing summer surrounded by people you love! #teamsofia

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