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Team Todd

Todd suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a bicycle accident on Oct 27, 2014.

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October 19, 2017



October 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Carol Barron, my mentor of 1968.  So good to be in touch with you, again.

Hello Team Todd.  Todd had an appointment with Beth his job coach this morning.  I had some questions and concerns.  As we were sitting in the waiting area, Robert Townsend  came thru and greeted us.  I asked for a few minutes of his time.  Bless Robert, he directed me to a conference room and minutes later, he joined me.  I told him, Beth was not delivering the help, support that Robert had led us to believe.  I suggested we misunderstood.  NO!  Robert assured me our expectations should be .  what he promised  And he explained, they, TLC, is presently understaffed and Beth was assigned to assist Todd finding a job, but she is not a job coach.    

He was willing to talk with Beth and suggest some strategeries .   Great!  “Yes, it is OK you tell her you spoke with me.”   I already spoke with Beth directly.  Beth is learning and needs a bit of coaching.  In the beginning, she told us she was a “newbie”.

Also, Robert pointed out to me that there are other agencies available to Todd that may be a good fit for Todd if TLC does not work out.  Robert Townsend is a wonderful  resource.  But, clearly, Robert carries a heavy load.  Just as he made time for me on the spur of the moment today, he reaches out to others who are even more needy than Todd.

Robert suggested we give Beth some time and if we feel we need more help,  go back to Karen Earl, Todd’s Rehab specialist.  Robert said she would direct us to another agency who may be more helpful.

Along the way, we find the help and the resources we need.  And , sometimes, it takes an uncomfortable or even spontaneous encounter to bring about the help Todd needs.  As I told Robert, I am learning;  this is all new stuff to me BUT!  I will do and learn whatever it takes to give Todd a future of fulfillment and happiness.  Blah, Blah—this is the work of every parent.  Nothing  special here…

Now a few words from Todd…

Dear carepage readers,

Today, I dined on the breakfast that her Royal highness prepared. A cheese omlet with onion, green pepper.

 After breakfast, we both went to a meeting with the job coach. I find the meeting tiring I think because of all the passwords I have to know for the various websites. Today, I reached out to people I used to know several years ago. I think the furthest I went back in time was reaching out to a former teammate on the Virginia Tech solar car team that I knew more than 20 years ago. He has already replied to my initial message.


After the meeting with the job coach, I went to Planetary Systems Corporation. There, I worked on a program for life test of a motor controller. I think the program is good because it is very self-documenting. But to be honest, there were times I wish I had Dragon  to tell me to write it. But, all in all it was a good day. Tomorrow, is almost like a day off because I have no defined activities.

























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