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Todd suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a bicycle accident on Oct 27, 2014.

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September 27, 2020

September 27, 2020

Dear carepage reader,

Happy Birthday to Curt Westley, Amy Savel, Lisa Bloon and Happy Anniversary to Evie and Phil Dohn.  September must be a good month for celebrations.

I virtually flew in Canada – that included making good virtual landings at CYFC and CYTN.  Aviation in Canada is different than aviation in Ohio:  In Canada there is greater distance between airports but the airports have wider, longer airstrips.  Ohio was filled with short, narrow airstrips.

Last week at Planetary Systems Corporation I vacated my office space for a new employee.  Three other employees of PSC also have offices in 2303 that they have used less frequently than I in the last few months.  Their relocation would likely have consumed a day of their time.  My concept of leaving little impact meant that I got to do more work.  Interesting…. I also got through the struggles of remembering passwords because my new location does not have internet access; only the laptop that I use regularly has internet access.  There is correlation between social security enrollment and difficulty remembering passwords, I think.  I wish I could remember where I read that….Thankfully I have committed to memory the turn-by-turn directions for my bike rides at the track and the ingredient lists for a lobster and steak dinner. 

I dd make a small amount of progress on rewriting gatttool [to work on Windows 8], the program that reads data from my bike rear wheel sensor that I use to control flightgear, I now only get one error while compiling the program whereas before I got twenty or thirty. 

I also tried to schedule my Serotta bike for maintenance.  EVOcycles is not as local as it once was.

The Hokies defeated North Carolina State Wolfpack in football last night.  I enjoyed the game thanks to the internet.


Hello TEAMTODD.  We continue to bask in the celebration of last week of celebrating Ted and me.

Todd keeps in touch with many of his former collegues.  Often he shares  with us his communication with his friends.  I found this message he sent to Jim Hamm, last week that captured EXACTLY,  Todd’s  day to day activities. 

 “Everyday brings new challenges of varying difficulty.  Somehow, I find a way.”

That’s our Todd.  Todd finds his strength to carry on through the network of support you provide TEAMTODD.  Your constant support of prayers, good works and well wishes continue  to propel Todd forward.

 Keep in mind your support goes out to so many more  TBI survivors who now are connected to Todd’s weekly blog.

Thank you, TEAM TODD, for your continuing support.  May St. Luigi bless us all!





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