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Team Todd

Todd suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a bicycle accident on Oct 27, 2014.

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June 24, 2018

June 24, 2018

Dear posthope readers,

My favorite sister is here and senior guide Savel.  I often wonder why John is merely a senior guide and not a lead guide.  What is running through the heads of the management at W.O.W. fishing camp?

Today, I hope to make left turns while riding my bicycle.  Hopefully, I will not have forgotten how..

Also this morning, I think my father will prepare pancakes after going to church.

Yesterday, I showed John “sparkle”.  I think I will give my favorite sister a demo today.  I am not sure what the fascination is.  But, I guess if you only anticipate using the device once and not every day it must be different.



Hello TEAMTODD.  Today was a great day in “Westley 4” land.  John seemed to enjoy our company.  It is good to laugh until your sides and belly ache.  At one point, Libby wondered if we were  laughing so much because Todd was having such a good time or were the stories  that funny.  Yes, there were some Ridge Tool stories shared:  something about  a slice of pumpkin pie being passed around for many months and the time someone put a macro on someone’s computer so each time he, whoever he was, typed “the” it was misspelled  (hte) or something like it. Todd and John recalled many events they shared.  Something tells me at the time(s) these happenings were annoying BUT now they see and can laugh at the “silliness” of those happenings.

Of course a great weekend includes good food.  Very plentiful with everyone’s favorites.

Todd and John went to the track today.  Todd rode the bike around and around and John walked and then went geocaching and walked or ran home.

Libby will leave us VERY early tomorrow, 5 am.  She is packed up and ready to leave.  We have enjoyed her visit.

Thank you, TEAMTODD, for tuning in.  No, not much TBI progress to share with you BUT good times, enjoyed,  are very IMPORTANT in the TBI recovery process. 



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