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Posted 2016-07-28T05:35:57Z

Staying the Course

As Andrea continues to follow the plan that her doctors outlined (almost a year ago) she'll be having a hysterectomy on Friday.  As many of you may recall, Andrea has the gene mutation that causes her to be susceptible to breast and ovarian on a precautionary note she/we decided to have the hysterectomy performed to lessen the chances of her having to deal with this issue further down the road.  It was a conscious, well-thought choice that she/we made based on the facts that we've learned along this journey.  The surgery on Friday may be an in/out procedure or it may result in Andrea being in the hospital for 3-4 days.  The timeline will be determined during the surgery based on the surgeon's ability to complete the hysterectomy without any challenges presented by the scar tissue that exists from one of Andrea's previous surgeries.  So while there's a bit of uncertainty (with the length of her stay) Andrea is in really good shape going into the surgery and we are all optimistic about an event-free procedure.  Now - with all of that said, and with all of the optimism that I try to write into these posts - there have been a wide variety of challenges along the way.  Andrea's blood tests have shown a wide variety of chemical imbalances (all along).  From magnesium and potassium level issues to kidney concerns and anemia; from skin rashes and fatigue to occasional sleeplessness.....Andrea has been beyond amazing with her positive attitude and her resilience.  She's literally fighting for her life and all-the-while trying so hard to not appear to be complaining.  If I sound proud it's because I am.  Andrea is amazing.

If you get a chance, please reach out and wish her well.  I know that it would mean a lot to her.

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  • Leah Gniwesch
    Leah Gniwesch

    Andrea-I am sending you all of my love and prayers for your complete healing. May the surgery go smoothly and may there be no complications-and may you live in good health until 120 with your beloved family. I love you and am praying for you! Leah

    3 years ago · Reply
  • suri kleienr
    suri kleienr

    Hey Andy, Murray is truly are amazing! you have such an optimistic attitude, you are strong and you never ever complain, even when you are entitled. Velvel and I are so proud of you. You have been thru so much worse, this should be a piece of cake for you. we love you tons!!!! Suri and Velvel

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Cindy Taylor
    Cindy Taylor

    Good luck to you Andrea! You truely are amazing! Pray all goes well and that you are soon on a road to recovery from yet another surgery. Hugs you way Cindy

    3 years ago · Reply

    Hey Andy, you have no idea how sorry I am that I missed you at the wedding...would have loved to have spent time with you guys....Gd willing sometime soon and after all of this "stuff" is behind you and we can truly truly celebrate together.....You know my saying "it's good it's good it's all good".....just keep saying it 3 times over and Gd hears it!!! I am a true believer.....Love you sooooo much......praying for you and doing good deeds in your name...IT'S GOOD...IT'S GOOD...IT'S ALLLLLLLLLLL GOOD......sending you the warmest hugs and kisses.....hope you can feel my arms around you!!!! Thinking good and positive thoughts!!

    3 years ago · Reply