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Lois Bloom Lois Bloom

Hope you are home and getting stronger by the day.
Love and hugs from all of us in San Diego.:) Lois

Lois Bloom Lois Bloom

Hi Andrea,
My prayers and good wishes go out to you.
Stay strong. Many positive wishes are coming your way.
Love and hugs,


Sending lots of cheers and love. You are amazing and your positive attitude is heartening. HAPPY CHANUKAH...

Lisa Cleaner Lisa Cleaner

My "Hero Andrea" Yes.... My hero !!!! This doll baby has truly endured many obstacles & many challenges that have come into her path, now a new journey that is pushing her forward in this whirl wind!!!! With a smile on her face ready to face whatever challenges come her way she gets threw them!!! We laugh so much & shed tears , but mostly we laugh together!!!! I couldn't love her more than if she was "born" as my sister!!! For the past 34 years I feel blessed to love this Doll Baby!!!! May God continue to keep a watch full eye over her & continue to give her the strength & as we "All" know she's strong,courageous, & simply my "Hero" I love her beyond words that I can express & only pray that God is listening to "All" our prayers!!! To our family & to all her wonderful friends just know what each of u mean to her!!! With every kiss I give you ....may it be healing forYou my Andi!!!!Know how much you are loved & a true blessing to be connected to you!!! I love you ,"The Whole World
Kisses & Hugs
Lisa Cleaner

David Cleaner David Cleaner

i think rena has me beat so far so its probably time i say a few words on here.

first of all, thank you to everyone who has supported my mom in any way, big or small, so far on this new challenge. i was going to start calling out specific people but realized the list would be too long. just goes to show how great you all are. nothing in life is worth anything without people to share it with, and certainly hardships would be infinitely harder without people supporting you. so i know my mom deeply appreciates every one of you for both being by her side now, and in good times too.

i know i said i wouldn't, but i want to specifically call out my dad and rena. dad, you're role in all of this has been so inspiring and for me personally adds a whole new layer to my view of you as a role model. i'm so proud to call you my dad. rena, i just read your posts and you continue to amaze me with how much you've grown. so mature and wise. a lot of other people have said it in their posts on here but its true and i'm not sure how much you really understand it - mom is so so proud of you, and that alone helps her with all of this so much.

mom..... i try to come up with the right words because all the ones that come to mind don't feel like enough. when i was little you were battling a different disease. you had countless surgeries, countless medications, that too was a long and draining process. yet i have no memories of you being negative or feeling defeated. they're all quite the opposite. and now you've been dealt yet another tough hand. still, always smiling and upbeat. it's truly remarkable. i don't know how you do it. you're the strongest person i know. watching how you carry yourself through all of this has taught me so much about how i want to live my life. you've taught me some of life's most important lessons. remember, G-d saves his toughest challenges for his strongest soldiers. i love you so much.

as my mom goes through her third chemo treatment tomorrow i just want to say one more thing. i'm so glad and thankful that you have all shown your support, but this is a long journey. we still have a ways to go. make sure to keep up the good work!! we all, my mom especially, appreciate it.

with much love to all,

Becky Greenberg Becky Greenberg

Hi Andrea, it's Becky from Stanford.

It makes me happy to read all your posts and know how strong you are and i know how wonderful all your friends are. Stay strong and face each day with a grateful heart for all the love you have.
Time moves fast and this will all be behind you soon.

Thinking of you and glad you are getting good care.

Betty Chandler Betty Chandler

Hi Andrea, Thinking of you often and want you to know that I'm so inspired by your strength and courage! You are an AMAZING woman! Wishing you peace and comfort as you fight and looking forward to the day this illness is behind you. Much love to you and your beautiful family!


Rena Cleaner Rena Cleaner

Hi mom, I just wanted to say that seeing you overcome this challenge everyday brings tears to my eyes (happy of course). Every time I speak to you it just reminds and reassures me how positive and strong you are being through this whole thing, and hearing your voice and the optimism in it makes my day that much better. Your strength is something that I admire. With that said, even when you can't be strong, I will try to be that strength for you!

I love you and am with you in every step of this!

Cindy Taylor Cindy Taylor

Thinking about you Andrea and so happy you are doing good! Thank you Murray for the bracelets! Love them. Hugs

Diane Starrett Diane Starrett

Thanks, Murray, for the awesome bracelets!!!! Yay, Team Andrea!!!!


Hope you are doing well, Andi! I am so pleased your friends started this site in your honor! I am glad I had chance to spend some time with you before I started my new job. Your wonderful outlook and attitude is indeed an inspiration and you will soon declare victory over this challenge that got in your way. I will speak with you this week.

Joan Stern Joan Stern

Thinking of you Andrea and wishing you all the very best.

Gina Barron Gina Barron

Beautifully said Murray! I often talk about the care giver and the great challenges they face. You are the one who has to keep it all together. We are all here for you and your entire family. Thank you for keeping us updated on your journey, as well, with all of us who love you so dearly. Take care of your self so you can take good care of Andrea. Love you both!

Cindy Taylor Cindy Taylor

WOW Murray that was so beautiful! You are right. We are all here for not only Andrea but for you and David and Rena!
I am impressed by all of your strength and courage as you take on this scary feat! I have said all along that Andrea was going to kick cancers butt and I truly believe that. You are all amazing and I hope for Andreas speedy recovery.
Love you guys

Leah Gniwesch Leah Gniwesch

sending you much love and support from Jerusalem. One day at a time-you are going to make it through this with flying colors! Hope the side effects from chemo are very very mild and that the good effects are already kicking in. xoxo