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The purpose of this site is to keep friends and family updated on Michael's journey and Team Ballard's efforts!

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Birthday in Houston

On Michael's 48th trip around the Earth we head back to Houston. Not an ideal birthday celebration but it is better than the alternative. At least we will have some serious time together, a night out of the house (ha).! He is not much into celebrating with the scan on the horizon. That won't happen this trip. We will return the week of Oct. 23rd for that event. This trip will involve blood work, ekg, and a follow up appointment with some team members. We are praying for continued improvement of his creatinine levels and kidney function. He has been working hard to stay hydrated, with the extended summer that has not been easy. (Don't tell him but part of his bday gift includes those pickle juice shots!- not sure they help but they don't hurt and he loves dill pickles). Due to the doctors asking about his varicose veins, he is also getting some fun printed compression socks. Aging is lovely right? 


We are also praying that his drug is working. knocking back the tumors, preventing it from growing. Some days he feels good and does not hurt as much while other days he does not, aching and feeling like he has shortness of breath. I try to remind him that with the lovely Memphis weather and humidity that we all have shortness of breath. I pray that I am right. He has been building strength, working out some and has even swum in the past week. I know that does him good! 


Continue to pray for his strength- physical and mental. Anxiety and introspection increases as the scan nears. It is hard to look past that date for him (for me too). We want to plan but the results of that can change our path and head us on one that is unknown and possibly unwanted. Add the approaching holidays to it and his brain goes into overtime. 



Pray he finds some joy on his birthday!

Pray that the trip goes smoothly and the blood results are headed in the direction that the doctors want.

Pray the drug is working.

Pray that Michaels feel moments of peace and comfort in each step. 


As always, we are appreciative of all the prayers. We are still fighting.


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