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The purpose of this site is to keep friends and family updated on Michael's journey and Team Ballard's efforts!

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Rash, Sores, and Pain

After round 3, the rash has definitely been the biggest enemy, side effect, pain in the a$#, pain, and frustration. We could use some big continued prayers for it to not be so angry. We have been doing our best to manage it with cremes, tylenol, and hot compresses. I did reach out to the nurse (and got a call back the same day). They called in an antibiotic but it has not been filled yet and I am not sure i can convince M to take it.  At any rate, he has a spot on his head in the hair (stubble) that he does have that is very angry, large, red, raised, scabby and seems pussy underneath. He does not usually complain but that went out the door so I know he is in pain and uncomfortable.


SO- please pray that the pain eases and that we can find something that finds him relief.


Thanks for the bullet prayers!



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