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The purpose of this site is to keep friends and family updated on Michael's journey and Team Ballard's efforts!

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The wait begins...

We meet with Dr. Weeks Tuesday afternoon and we have a date for another scan. March 6. Then we wait until March 13 to meet with Dr. Weeks and receive results. Michael is anxious already. His blood counts are low even though we are at a half way point of our two weeks off. That in and of itself is scary with all the illness going around. The guest room is beckoning me so I don't share kids germs with him as there are plenty going around. 


Since the last post Michael has been seeing a "talking" doctor. We loved the counselor we had been going to but she did not have experience with cancer patients and chronic illness. This doctor works with the West Clinic and according to Michael really understands. While i have not gone with him yet, I don't think he is able to deter her questions and flip the subject as easily as he had in the past. She uses the surveys that he has to filled out at each appointment to monitor how he is doing and has already made some great points that he seems to have heard. She, too, was amazed that we have been on this journey as long as we have without some of the other supports in place. Apparently, we are slow to the party. This Monday, I was invited to join them. Heaven knows what he has told her about me. As we all know, he tells better stories than I do. 


It seems that after chatting with him at the past two appointments, she wants to focus on improving his sleep. Getting enough sleep or sleeping well will help give him more mental and physical strength to beat this. I am hopeful that she can help with that as well as some additional strategies to help him (us) cope and relax. I am grateful that we have connected with her and I am very grateful that she is willing to hold a late appointment so he does not have stress about missing work! I have come to realize that most of the medical community does not think that cancer patients or their caregivers (spouses, etc.) work. Crazy to me. 


Pray that his anxiety eases.

Pray that the appointments go well and Michael is open to suggestions.

Pray his brain, body, and spirit fights so the s


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