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The purpose of this site is to keep friends and family updated on Michael's journey and Team Ballard's efforts!

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Prayers and positivity!

We could use extra prayers this week as we head back to Houston for a scan and follow up with the doctor. This will be the first scan since we began the trial. We are praying that the immunotherapy drug is working and the spots in the lungs have shrunk!


Since it is a trial we do not know what they expect. Obviously, if the tumors have shrunk we will continue the drug. We are wondering if they expect to see results this soon. We are wondering if we will continue the drug even if the spots have not shrunk. We assume we will since we have appointments to take the drug and be observed after we meet with the doctor. Plus we have appointments scheduled for late July and late August. 


Michael has been feeling great. The further away from his last chemo treatment, the more energy he has, the more often he has to shave, the less frequently he is communing with the green couch. Don't get me wrong, he still loves a nap and still has some rough spots here and there however they are nothing like the side effects of chemo. Couple that with a continued sense of hope and feeling good and we have had a nice few months. 


We have been knocking out some home projects, enjoying the lake, and the dogs. 


We head out Wednesday morning. The scan is that afternoon, 4:30ish. We have blood work Thursday morning at 9, then meet with the doctor at 11 am. Then, we go to the infusion center to be observed taking the pill around 4:30 pm. We hope to get in earlier so we can head back to the airport. We fly out Thursday night late. 


Pray for peace as we approach the scan, during the scan, and while we wait for results. Of course, pray for good results!

As always, we are appreciative of your prayers. 

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