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Medical Love

Tonight again, I walked to the mail box and read this lovely, heartfelt letter from Howard's hospital physician.  This doctor was the one who conducted the orchestra of Howie's care.  Coordinated all the tests, opinions, emotions, orders and direction of his medical care.  This doctor was our voice of hope and at the end our voice of reason.  This doctor saw us in the emergency room and was there with us every SINGLE step of the way.  This doctor and Dr. Happy Khanna used every single ounce of brain power, medical knowledge, common sense, thinking outside of the box, compassion, prayer and heart that they had.  Collectively.  When they ran out of said "talent"  they dug deeper and found more.  I thank you both.  Happy we expect it from you BUT this person was a stranger.  A stranger no more and a lovely human being. [...]


Every single day since Howard's death, I have been blessed by someone who has extended their condolences for my loss AND their fondness for Howard.  This feels like more than just kind people with nice manners.  It feels like the love that Howie shared everyday with people in everyday situations is coming back to comfort me.[...]

after the dust settles

thank you to each person who hopefully checked and rechecked this web site for updates about howard.  we were all just so sure he would pull through.  I sit in disbelief still.  thank you friends and family who sent messages, cards, food flowers, attended the service, dropped by the house to offer condolences.  so many of you I'd not yet met,  but he spoke often of each and every friend.  he loved and was loved by so many people.   his very bright light shines now, not in long beach california but somewhere else...higher and brighter.  thank you for loving him.  sandy[...]


Services for our Howard will be held this Friday, 9.5.2014, at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar, California at 10:00 a.m. 

In lieu of flowers, please stay tuned for a list of charities that were near and dear to Howard's heart. [...]

A sad update

It is with absolute sadness that we announce the passing of our dear Howard: father, grandfather, uncle, husband, friend, and everything in between.  This morning when he lost the battle, he was surrounded by his family and dearest friends.  He passed in peace and in comfort.[...]

tuesday morning stable

how was stable all night.  kids and i sat by his side in shifts last night so we could all rest.  this morning the goal is to start the dialysis.  we wait and pray.  Yesterday's RN Rick is in ICU again today.  We are hoping he will care for Howard again today.  He is UNBELIEVABLY competent.  And he's from Alaska so when he's not busy maintaining Howard's vital functions he chats with him about fishing.  [...]