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Posted 2014-09-30T04:04:17Z

Medical Love

Tonight again, I walked to the mail box and read this lovely, heartfelt letter from Howard's hospital physician.  This doctor was the one who conducted the orchestra of Howie's care.  Coordinated all the tests, opinions, emotions, orders and direction of his medical care.  This doctor was our voice of hope and at the end our voice of reason.  This doctor saw us in the emergency room and was there with us every SINGLE step of the way.  This doctor and Dr. Happy Khanna used every single ounce of brain power, medical knowledge, common sense, thinking outside of the box, compassion, prayer and heart that they had.  Collectively.  When they ran out of said "talent"  they dug deeper and found more.  I thank you both.  Happy we expect it from you BUT this person was a stranger.  A stranger no more and a lovely human being. 

Now, for the mailbox.  I sent this doctor a thank you letter and small token of our appreciation, this is what I read and share with you all. Because you are a part of the journey and it's not over yet.  

Dear Sandy and Family, 

It was my deepest sorrow to watch Howard leave.  He was not just a regular patient to me.  I was so attached to you and the family during his care from day 1, and each step of his initial recovery meant so much to me.  But sometimes, you can not change destiny. 

I am sure you all did your best for his best, and now he is resting in peace.  

God bless him and all of you.  

I am so thankful for your nice words and wonderful gift.  

Howard, your family and you will always stay in my mind and heart.  


Dr. You KNow Who YOu Are

My faith has been restored in people and doctors.  God Bless YOU Dr. YKWYA 


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  • mary gion
    mary gion

    This is such a beautiful story, memory, and tribute. Howie would be so proud of your strength and words, I know I am.

    5 years ago · Reply