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donna cornelius donna cornelius

Katie- even though You don't hear it from me, I think of you and Jared everyday with love. I'm glad to be a part of your Family.

Jondalin Matis Jondalin Matis

I think of you often Cousin. It was great to hear from your Mother. Keep smiling..

Bev Caterino Bev Caterino

That's excellent news. That first real shower must feel amazing! Love your posts!

Katie Katie

Kathleen - thank you! Yes you may come over for lunch. I would really like that. But I'm not going back to work until January, so we have some time. ;-)

Kathleen Shelfer Kathleen Shelfer

I'm playing catch-up today after being gone for over 2 weeks. First off... your photos were amazing for your head shaving party. I must admit I cried while looking at them. I'm so proud of you. Can I come down and take your for lunch soon before school starts? Please. You name the day and I'll be there. xo

Gina Fielden  Gina Fielden

Sending out positive thoughts and energy to you Katie!!!!!!

Cheryl Cruz Cheryl Cruz

You a ROCKSTAR, Katie!! Sending my bear hugs to you!

Christina Montarbo Christina Montarbo

Sending Prayers and healing thoughts. Love you Katie!!

Mona Lee DeVlaminck Mona Lee DeVlaminck

Love you Katie!! I know you are busy and I will call you soon. Thinking about you everyday.