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Kim bunn Kim bunn

Your sweet spirit captured my heart from the beginning. Your smile radiates and lights up a room. Baby girl, you are a fighter and bravest person I know. Just remember to BELIEVE in yourself and your strength. FAITH is powerful and you Riley Faith are one powerful girl. We love you!

Rebecca Pitman Rebecca Pitman


You are so genuine & like I've never known in my life! We are so blessed to be part of your journey & Kendall's love for you as a friend is more like that of a sister. It is a gift to witness the connection & the way she wants to protect you, even when you can't see. Everyday I am impressed by your relentless courage & positively radiant smile!!! Child, you are so amazing! You are half way through this & you got this! Thank you for your strength & inspiration! We love you so much. ❤️️