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Prayers and Love for Terre

This site is to share news about Terre so that we can lift him up in prayer as he moves through this journey. We will post updates and ways you can help in addition to pr[...] read more

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Posted 2019-12-08T05:25:51Z

Saturday, December 7th

Dear Friends,


We have taken a few days to rest, breathe, grieve, meet with regrets, start tackling all the piles of papers… and circle around to love and gratitude. With Terre’s passing we share an expanding description of who he was, who he is, and trust the increasing spiritual awareness of his soul.


            God’s Will is a profound Mystery of intricate detail, -a precision that provides for goodness to result in all situations. The power and love energy of God All Good is so vast and omnipresent that beauty and perfection may be blurred or misinterpreted during trials and tribulations. Time…. Space… Listening… Being still… Peace comes, even in allowing the Mystery to be a Mystery.


            Terre did not want to face the possibility of illness in his body. He kept it at bay with his strict “clean” diet and wheat grass juices. He practiced and followed many meditations with healing emphasis for mind, body and emotions. He learned the powerful lesson that emotional control does not mean holding emotions inside, but rather the courage to honestly face them, allowing them to express in a safe way, and then ameliorating them, -transmuting them to something positive. In the hospital he was very agitated by staff coming in, taking vitals, bringing food, checking pain levels, administering medication… at times, he would be in tears. Then one day mom and I got there, peeked around the curtain from the hallway, and we heard him say “c’mon in!” like southern hospitality welcoming every passer-by with a smile. He meant it too, he so desperately wanted to heal and live.


Terre represents change, evaluating what is important in our lives: Living a spiritual life, eating healthy, doing our best, experiencing joy –especially in the beauty of Nature, persevering, no more waiting...


The Holidays are upon us, fraught with stress, obligation, over-indulgence-lets remember we always have a choice. We can rise above the clamor and do things because we want to, because they make us a better person, because it uplifts someone else, because it makes our soul sing praises to The Christ!


We look forward to a Celebration of Life for Terre in January 2020. We want a little more time to adjust, to BE in our new reality, to feel, to strengthen, to rest… to love, and to have the time to feel Terre’s presence. We thank you all for your prayers, kind words, and willingness to help. We are blessed.

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