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Posted 2015-02-23T13:08:00Z

Day three

Good day today! Lots of progress. Mom is sitting in a chair, she ate severals meals today. Eric and I both noticed little things like she is able to use her mouth better today on the left. We also moved again (4 rooms in as many days) we are now on the 5th floor room 535. We also went on a tour of the rehab facility on the 7th floor which was very nice, and the director lady is fabulous, answered a bunch of questions. No one is telling us timelines, as it depends on the person, but it is measured in weeks (3-4) were mentioned. If she needs more after that there is another place, offsite. Tomorrow is a big day, all the medical staff will be back, she has the neurologist come in, the caseworker will be back to answer questions and an evaluation by the rehab staff. She is doing really well. We are all amazed at all the little things that are happening daily.

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