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Posted 2018-10-08T19:19:51Z

Update from Monday morning, from Deb

Mom slept all day Sunday and was pretty calm. Carol was with her overnight and Mom had a good night. Woke up at about 6:30 and wanted to get out of bed. Carol got her moved to her chair where she was "awake" for a bit. Hospice aid came and we moved Mom back to bed to get her cleaned up. She started getting agitated and it took 90-minutes to settle her down. I'll talk to hospice today about upping her dosage of Ativan and morphine. Also, hospice nurse was here today. BP was down to 108/60 and heart rate is up to 90. [...]

Posted 2018-10-07T13:49:00Z

Update from Saturday

Mom had another serious agitated state on Saturday morning. It took a while to settle her down. I remembered the hospice nurse saying to live in their reality so I let her lay in bed without clothes and agreed that it is probably warm in there. I opened the window and put a sheet on her.The meds kicked in after a while and she slept. 30 minutes later she woke and when the SS girls came in to dress her and clean up the bed she wouldn't put her shirt on. I let her sit in the chair without a shirt for a bit but reminded her that Tom was on his way. After ignoring her a while she gave in and put the shirt on. The rest of the day was uneventful. She ate only a few bites of soup and juice. Woke up for a while when Tom was here, and later Ira came and she was awake for a bit with him. She knew everyone. We watched Frank Sinatra clips on Youtube. She liked that. She started getting agitated again around 5PM. I tried massaging her hands and she winced with her right arm. Went back and forth with "are you in pain" eventually agreed with SS nurse and gave her Morphine at night instead of ativan. That worked great. She slept til 7AM and woke up beginning with the pulling on clothes again. So that's what we can expect now I think. Also BP yesterday was down a bit again. 116 over I think 64? Not sure of the bottom number but I know the top was 116. Day before 124. Day before that 130-something. [...]

Posted 2018-10-05T13:59:13Z

Update on Mom/Tess

The nurses noticed a red spot developing on Mom's tailbone. It is important that she shifts position every 2 hours. When she is in the chair, pull her over on one side and put a pillow under her, then 2 hours later shift to the other side. It is ok if she spends 2 hours on her back as well. When she is in bed, see if you can use the wedge to hold her so that she can lay on her right side. Sometimes I notice that she uses her left hand to pull herself onto her left side. The nurses are putting a pad on her back as well. If you need help shifting Mom, just push the button and get a SS person to help you. We don't want these to develop into bed sores.[...]

Posted 2018-09-30T00:11:47Z

Sep 30

Had the pleasure of seeing Mrs Tess today. Very relaxed time we spent. According to the caregiver prior she slept mostly during the day. Look forward to seeing her again very soon. [...]

Posted 2018-09-28T02:42:36Z

September 27 from Deb

Mom slept almost all day. She woke up a few times for a couple sips of juice with the thickener. She ate a few bites of soup for lunch and slept and slept and slept some more. At 5:30 she woke up and ate some additional soup. She wanted to feed herself which was a little messy but that's ok. She also wanted to drink out of the little cup which was also messy, but she got to be in charge. We looked at a photo album for a while, and the massage therapist came to massage her hand and feet. Watched a bit of the Cub game, then went to bed at 9PM. Hospice nurse came today. Vitals are still the same. Her coloring is changing and she is getting thinner. Can only mumble now. Nurse said not to force her to eat or drink, and try to shift her position every couple hours in the chair and bed. She ordered a wedge pillow which we should have by tomorrow. That's all for now.[...]

Posted 2018-09-27T02:52:43Z

September 26 from Deb

Mom slept a lot today. I got here at about 2:30. She slept until 4:30. Amanda said she slept much of the morning after her shower. Ate about a 10 bites of potato soup at supper. Watched TV. Listened/watched Frank Sinatra You Tube videos. Then the got some ice cream down stairs while one of the girls sat with her. She ate all of that!  She was in good spirits. Not agitated. Had about a 10 minute seizure. She was ok after that actually. Got 1 mg of Adavan at 9PM then went to sleep. BTW, she really likes the OJ in the thickener. Keep it in the fridge so it stays cold. No need to keep her leftover soup or food in the fridge. Toss whatever she doesn't eat. They put a pad on the bed to reduce risk of bed sores. Also put an alarm on the bed so if she gets up, it will buzz and wake us up. [...]

Posted 2018-09-26T11:37:29Z

September 26

Tess went to bed around 7:45 she was tired she slept well through the night she woke up around 6:15 and used the washroom she was in a good mood but act like she wasn't sure of her surroundings or things look differently we sat up and chatted I read her the cards from Connie and Cathy she was excited to hear from Connie she sat up and pointed to her room I got her back in her bed and she is back sleeping.[...]

Posted 2018-09-25T12:57:00Z

Tuesday, Sept 25 from Deb

Mom is eating less, drinking less and getting a bit more agitated. Hospice nurse will come in every day to check her vitals. As she "transitions" we can expect her to sleep more. Vitals are ok now but as she eats less they will change too. They are giving her Adavan to help with agitation at night and can give 1/2 mg up to every 2 hours if she becomes agitated and uncomfortable during the day. She can't swallow as well any more so no more straws. Either use the little blue sponge on a stick or give her sips of water with a spoon. She might get angry and try to use the cup. That's ok. Let her take a sip if she wants. We tried a liquid thickener in some Ensure yesterday, but she didn't want it. We will keep trying things, but every day is different.[...]

Posted 2018-09-21T20:47:05Z

One more thing...

One more thing. She might be a little achy from the fall, so be extra gentle when helping to the bathroom, changing clothes, etc. If she is acting like she is in pain from the fall, please let us know and it is ok for her to take Tylenol. The SS nurse can help with that.[...]

Posted 2018-09-21T20:44:31Z

September 21 from Deb

Mom fell this morning. She got out of bed on her own at 6AM, fell, banged up her nose and has a bump on her head. She's ok. We will probably find more bruises over the next couple of days. We moved her bed against the wall and have a guard rail on the other side. She cannot be left alone. Do not leave her alone in the bathroom and make sure the SS girls know that as well. DO NOT remove the Steri Strips from her nose. The gauze can be removed and replaced but leave the Steri Strips there until the nurse removes them on Wednesday. DO NOT let the SS nurse remove the Steri Strips either.[...]