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Posted 2018-10-07T13:49:00Z

Update from Saturday

Mom had another serious agitated state on Saturday morning. It took a while to settle her down. I remembered the hospice nurse saying to live in their reality so I let her lay in bed without clothes and agreed that it is probably warm in there. I opened the window and put a sheet on her.The meds kicked in after a while and she slept. 30 minutes later she woke and when the SS girls came in to dress her and clean up the bed she wouldn't put her shirt on. I let her sit in the chair without a shirt for a bit but reminded her that Tom was on his way. After ignoring her a while she gave in and put the shirt on. The rest of the day was uneventful. She ate only a few bites of soup and juice. Woke up for a while when Tom was here, and later Ira came and she was awake for a bit with him. She knew everyone. We watched Frank Sinatra clips on Youtube. She liked that. She started getting agitated again around 5PM. I tried massaging her hands and she winced with her right arm. Went back and forth with "are you in pain" eventually agreed with SS nurse and gave her Morphine at night instead of ativan. That worked great. She slept til 7AM and woke up beginning with the pulling on clothes again. So that's what we can expect now I think. Also BP yesterday was down a bit again. 116 over I think 64? Not sure of the bottom number but I know the top was 116. Day before 124. Day before that 130-something. 

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