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Our daughter Aoife was born in 2006 with a complex heart defect, truncus arteriosus. Our daughter, Tarynn, was born in Feb. 2009. She also has truncus. Our oldest child, [...] read more

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Posted 2019-03-15T22:40:00Z

MRI Results...

Hello Friends and Family - 

Today Brian was able to speak with the girls' cardiologist about Tarynn's MRI. The reason Tarynn had to go for the MRI was that the echocardiogram she had in the fall showed that her pulmonary valve had moderate/severe leakage and her right ventricle volume was enlarged. 

Well, we received GREAT news today!!! MRI measurements are more precise than echo measurements, and the results of the MRI are that her pulmonary valve has only mild to moderate leakage (20% fraction), that her right ventricle volume is normal, and her right ventricle function is completely normal.  The balance between her right pulmonary flow to her left is 43%/57% which is well within the range of normal. Unless something unexpected happens or she becomes symptomatic, Tarynn will have another echo this summer to keep with her yearly monitoring schedule. If all seems good, she will not need another MRI for 3 years.  So, no surgery in sight!!!  WhooHoo!!!!! This is phenomenal news and we would like to thank all of you who have been keeping Tarynn in your thoughts and prayers over the past week.  We are amazed and relieved to think that she might have 3+ years before needing another open heart surgery, especially since at her cardiac catheterization in 2016, the doctors thought she would be having surgery in about a year.  The longer she can wait before needing another open heart, the better as the technology keeps improving. Also, the bigger she is when it is time for surgery, the better the chance that the doctors will be able to replace the artificial artery that was put in when she was 18 months old with an adult sized artery. 

In our 3/11 update, I mentioned that we were rear-ended on the way home from the hospital.  The good news is that with the preliminary estimates, it looks like our car hasn't been totaled.  Also, Brian and I are feeling fine. Tarynn, however, has a concussion and has been having a difficult time this week.  When she visited the doctor on Tuesday, it looked like her concussion was mild, and so she went to school on Wednesday and Thursday.  However, by the end of the school day, her head was aching, and lights & noises were difficult to tolerate.  Both days after school she laid on the couch, and just seemed so sad. We kept her out of school today and brought her back to the doctor, and it seems that she really needs to "rest her brain". So, she will be laying low this weekend and next week.  She might be able to go to school half days later next week if it seems like she can tolerate it. The plan is for her to go to the doctor for a re-check next Friday (or sooner if her symptoms worsen). 

So, great MRI results and we are optimistic that Tarynn's suffering from the concussion will lessen over the next week or two.  Thank you again to everyone who prayed for good MRI results and to those who sent positive thoughts and supportive words.  The MRI results are far better than we would have dared to hope for, and we are so very grateful and blessed.    

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