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Posted 2019-03-15T22:40:00Z

MRI Results...

Hello Friends and Family - 

Today Brian was able to speak with the girls' cardiologist about Tarynn's MRI. The reason Tarynn had to go for the MRI was that the echocardiogram she had in the fall showed that her pulmonary valve had moderate/severe leakage and her right ventricle volume was enlarged. [...]

Posted 2019-03-10T18:05:00Z

Life has been good.....

Hi Everyone - We are long overdue in updating this website, and that is because all has been going great!  Tarynn hit double digits in February and she is full of fun.  She loves jigsaw puzzles, reading, animals, and she enjoys playing piano, altar serving, playing tennis, and Girl Scouts. [...]

Posted 2017-12-27T02:43:00Z

Merry Christmas! All is well.....

Hi Everyone - Welcome to our new website for posting updates on Aoife & Tarynn's health.  We are all doing GREAT!  2017 was a fantastic year for our family.  Aoife and Tarynn both had cardiology visits in the late summer and fall.  Tarynn's visit was first and we have been expecting to hear that she is in need of an intervention. (Tarynn had a cath in August 2016, and at that time we were told that she would likely need to have her artificial artery replaced by open heart surgery in a year or so.) . Well, Tarynn's echo looked stable with no increase in pressures, so we were given a year until she needs to be seen again.  Hooray!!!!!  This was far better news that what we anticipated, and we are so happy to have another year (or more) for Tarynn to grow before the possibility of surgery.   [...]

Posted 2017-12-27T02:15:00Z

About our family...

Aoife Molly (pronounced Eee-fa) was born on 2/26/06. At nine days old she was diagnosed with a rare and complex congenital heart defect called truncus arteriosus. At age 15 days old, Aoife had her first open heart surgery which consisted of separating the aorta and the pulmonary artery, closing the ventricular septal defect and putting in a conduit to connect the pulmonary artery. Since her conduit won't grow with her, Aoife has had two cardiac catheterizations and she had a second open heart surgery on August 5, 2011 to replace her conduit. She also had a cardiac catheterization and electrical study in 2016 which ruled out suspected arrhythmias.  She will have more caths and open heart surgeries to replace the conduit as she grows, but she is currently doing great and her third open heart surgery is not yet on the horizon..[...]