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Willis P Bilderback Willis P Bilderback

So glad to hear the good results on the MRI. We've been through the concussion thing, and "brain rest" is indeed what is needed. I hope she's back to her normal self soon. Unfortunately, it can't be rushed.

joan williams joan williams

So very happy that Taryn's MRI came out good. Sorry to hear about her concussion. Hope she will be back to normal real soon. Glad to hear that the car is still running good . Prayers are a great thing when something like this happens. Especially when it turns out with good news. You all take care of yourselves and keep us updated with everything. Love Aunt Joan

Erin Rockenhaus Erin Rockenhaus

I am so glad that Tarynn rocked her MRI--what a brave girl. You all are such a strong family. I am sorry to hear about the accident, but I am very glad that you all are okay. Keep in touch! Hugs to all...

joan williams joan williams

I will be praying for all of you. I know for you it is very scary, I pray the MRI will be good for another year. Hope that all will come out good. If not we will pray harder that it is nothing you can't handle. I miss you all. Love Aunt Joan

Judy Corain Judy Corain

Thank you for the recent update. It is great reading about the girls activities and sports interests! They are in my prayers every day. I will say an extra one for Tarynn. Praying for some good results from her MRI tomorrow.

Erin Rockenhaus Erin Rockenhaus

It was so encouraging to read about your year and all your adventures. I am so happy that the girls are doing so well in every way. Thanks for posting this!

Tanya Murphy Tanya Murphy

Merry Christmas
I love hearing about all the amazing things your family has been up to. Wonderful that everyone is doing well. Enjoy the New Year.
Love -

Diane Walsh Diane Walsh

Thank you for filling us in on all your family news--especially that amazing vacation! We are jealous! (Jk😉) but if you ever want a mini-vacation at our NH cabin, let us know! Miss you!