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the cure for cancer

this is a website to a real case of a cure to cancer and help the people who do have it and save the people from ever getting this.

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Posted 2015-07-29T20:22:36Z


But by all of that simply taking away the only food source the cancer cells have in the human body acid or acidic cells and what i have learn is that putting acidic cells together with alkaline that you are likely to find in a body of water that is pure enough to reach a seven or higher on the pH scale the alkaline will attack and kill the acidic cells and once you drink that now all you have to do is drink more and more through out the following weeks.that alkaline that you just consumed will flush the infected cancer cells to a point were those cells will starve to death very slowly most likely and once they starve those cells will wither out and die while at the same time curing the person that has  cancer and preventing others who haven't got infected with cancer.

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