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The Journey, Part 2

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Day 171 - Final Post. 😊

This week I saw the oncologist, neural psychiatrist & pulmonologist.  Starting at the end, I asked the pulmonologist if I can continue to live alone or do I need to live in a community?  He thinks it will take very long, maybe years, but I will continue to improve as long as I do the work.  That is all I needed to hear!

So, oncologist:  He ok'd me seeing dentist, optometrist, etc and gave me a prescription for antibiotics if I have procedures which could cause bleeding.  We then talked about vaccinations.  It will take up to five years for me to get all the vaccinations I lost by restarting my immune system.  We will start in September, 6 months after transplant.  More at a year & so on.  Some take several steps.  I hate shots!!  He said some do hurt, I thought I remembered that from childhood!

Neural psychiatrist:  We mostly changed drugs.  I complained that sleeping pill didn't work.  We changed it & the next day my dry mouth was gone.  Added bonus!

Pulmonologist:  My tests showed I have stable lung volumes (inhale/exhale same as before aspiration) but decreased ability to absorb oxygen.  This can improve over time but I was a smoker so there are consequences.  Doesn't seem aspiration did too much harm.  Yay!  He did give me an inhaler to use before exercise.  He also said I can try sleeping without oxygen at night & if not tired nor headaches I can turn my concentrator in!  I have not used oxygen during the day for over a week.

So, my next appointments are either the same as you (dentist) or months away.  I see no specialists again until October.  I survived!  Thank each of you for sticking with me.  We can still talk, visit, text, email or write but I am just a regular girl again!  Hopefully Seahawk games by October!

Love and am indebted to each of you!


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