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The Journey, Part 2

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Posted 2018-03-30T19:18:19Z

Addendum- Final Post.

March is about to end.  That means I am already one year out of cancer treatment.  I just reread the Final Post that I sent last August.  HA!  Most of it was accurate but some things have gone differently than expected.

My oncologist has stated that I am Cancer Free, he will give me no more scans because he expects no more cancer.  Of course, anything can happen to any of us but I am considered cured.  I must continue getting vaccinations every two months throughout this year & longer.  I will give the oncologist a blood sample every four months this year but all my levels are normal now.  Yahoo!!  

But my lungs are another situation.  My stamina and breathing both remain weak.  We do not expect either to return to what they were pre-aspiration.  I am going to Cross Fit 3 days a week & walking more & more.  We will just see how far I can get physically.  The stamina issue keeps me close to home.  I do see the hospital’s Active Doctor and I must get therapy on walking.  HAHA!  I retaught myself to step wrong?!?!  

So I am very lucky to have come this far and plan to continue getting better.  This could be my last post, for real, since what is better news than cured?!  Love each of you for your love, caring, cards, calls and emails.

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