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Joe & Chelly Quinn - Journal

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Posted 2015-10-08T04:41:00Z

Grand Finale of Quinning4kidneys and Joe's update

Thanks to the National Kidney Foundation for all the support they have given Clay in his crazy 30 days of Backwards half court shots AND all of you wonderful folks who donated! He should blow away his original goal of $1000 which quickly morphed to $10,000 and now is at $20,000--- all to support kidney patients in the USA. There are still a few hours left(until 6pm on Thursday, October 8) and the link can be found at or by clicking here or copying this link You can see the video on Facebook also. Joe is improving and feeling well enough to start a few small projects around the house. He goes twice a week to doctors at Dallas Transplant Institute for monitoring of values. So far so good. His energy level should increase gradually. And Chelly has returned to work. What an incredible God we strive to serve who created most people with two kidneys and yet we can live and thrive with just one. And then He created humans smart enough and with advanced medicines that allow that extra kidney to be implanted in the side of another human AND it works!! Doing its job to keep the blood filtered, cleaned and balanced. That is INCREDIBLE! God is Good! Thank you ALL for your continued prayers and thoughts and our amazing children Clay, Jill, and Josh for keeping it all real and lite, having fun and helping us heal and taking the initiative in a unique way to try to help others! #blessed

Posted 2015-09-26T04:08:28Z

Home sweet home!

Finally-- we got the doctors ok to get back home after the 7th round of IV drugs! Good to GO! There will be close monitoring of the kidney values and Joe's overall health but it sure is good to be HOME tonight! His immune system is suppressed so we will limit his public outings but healthy visitors are welcome. We are so thankful for the doctors, nurses and staff of Baylor Dallas Transplant Institute! Big shout out to Ernie Bryant, Coach Wangler, Coach Settle for brightening Joe's darkest day on Tuesday. There are so many others friends and family and the entire community of Sunnyvale that we are ALL grateful to for visits, cards, texts, emails, posts, meals, goodies, thoughts, and prayers! The journey continues as we have said all along that this is a process and Joe will regain strength and stamina and overall health with time and the good doctors care and of course the support of you ALL and our incredible "kids"![...]

Posted 2015-09-24T20:37:28Z

Clay will be on CBS 11 tonight at 5!

Clay has yet another interview to share our story and raise awareness/funding for the National Kidney Foundation! Tune in to CBS channel 11 tonight at 5 to watch his interview :) He will also be on Channel 9 in Oklahoma City tomorrow and Saturday at 6! The doctors are pleased today with Joe's progress and we are continue to wait for further improved before he will go home. Thank you ALL for checking in again and your thoughts and prayers.

Posted 2015-09-24T02:27:58Z

Good news!

Hey this is Joe. First I would like to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks! It has truly been overwhelming and really appreciated. Today was a good day for several reasons. First it's Chelly's birthday, second my creatinine today was 1.9 (the first time I have been under 2 so far) and the goal is to be 1.5 or less and third, I felt good today--no side effects today. The current plan is for 2 more thyroglobulin doses and hopefully going home on Saturday. Today one of the transplant nephrologist came by and talked to Jill and I for about 40 minutes and answered our questions and explained what to expect going forward. I would also like to thank our kids for all their mental and physical support while Chelly and I were in the hospital and then home and back in the hospital again. They have been totally awesome!! It is calming,exciting, and almost to realize that your children have completely matured and are now adults and no longer kids. Once again thank you all for all of you positive thoughts and prayers. God is Good!

Posted 2015-09-21T01:22:00Z

Two Treatments down!

I thought that I would show all you wonderful friends that Joe remains bright! And Jill ever the dedicated daughter! Both Clay and Josh were here earlier too, and we watched the Cowboys game together. Two treatments IN!Tests are run daily to monitor Joe's progress so I will keep you posted. We remain ever so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers sent our way! Clay continues his efforts to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation with his crazy half court backwards shots and he was actually featured on channel 8 Good Morning Texas today! Here is a link to the video below. He certainly keeps up all smiling and Josh and Jill are his two biggest supporters!

Posted 2015-09-18T18:27:18Z

Slight setback

We did not receive the news we hoped for from the biopsy. It appears that Joe's immune system is in mild to moderate rejection of the kidney. To combat this Joe is going back into Baylor for a week or so and will be receiving a new drug intravenously through a picc line and they will continue to monitor things as well as alter some of his meds. Time to fight and continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors as well as acceptance in his body of the drugs and the kidney! He is in Baylor Roberts room 1409. Thank you all for your support, thoughts and prayers!

Posted 2015-09-17T02:24:01Z


Here we are at the news conference last week with our fellow wife-husband kidney donor duo. They are Oklahoma State grads too, hence the guns up!  Ok, ok, they are a bit younger than us too!  Anyway it was a record setting day for transplants at Baylor on Sept 1 so they had a few of the recipients back for a news conference last week, could you pick out Joe if you saw it on any of the channels? or the newspaper?[...]

Posted 2015-09-10T01:43:21Z

So far, so good

Joe and I are getting stronger every day.  He has frequent (as in three times a week) check ups at Baylor for several weeks. They monitor his kidney values as well as the levels of his anti-rejection drugs and check for any signs of infection.  So far, so good!  We truly appreciate everyone's understanding in trying to keep him away from any potential sick folks. In the meantime, Clay, Jill, and Josh are on a mission to bring awareness to kidney disease and support the National Kidney Foundation.  They are quite creative and as always having a good time in the effort!  We all love our kids, and Joe and I know we were particularly blessed with the crew in our house.(#blessed)  Please see below :[...]

Posted 2015-09-06T20:29:46Z

Meal Train Update

Friends and Family,

Mom & Dad are doing great - improving a little more every day. Truth be told; they are way ahead of schedule from where we thought they would be at this point, which we are very thankful for! They both enjoyed a full day of college football at the house yesterday (BOOMER) & are currently embarking on their second neighborhood walk of the day (#Blessed)[...]