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Posted 2015-09-17T02:24:01Z


Here we are at the news conference last week with our fellow wife-husband kidney donor duo. They are Oklahoma State grads too, hence the guns up!  Ok, ok, they are a bit younger than us too!  Anyway it was a record setting day for transplants at Baylor on Sept 1 so they had a few of the recipients back for a news conference last week, could you pick out Joe if you saw it on any of the channels? or the newspaper?

We want to let folks know that despite feeling and looking good, Joe's kidney values increased slightly and are not to the level the doctors would ideally like to see them SO he is scheduled for a needle biopsy of the kidney in the morning, Thursday, September 17.  It will take several days to get the results and hopefully it will just require a tweaking of his anti-rejection drugs to get things back on track.  Chelly received a great report from her surgeon this morning having healed nicely. Please keep the good positive thoughts and prayers coming!

And be sure to check out Clay's continually amazing backwards halfcourt shots in an effort to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation AND tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day #NTxGivingDay!

Q4K Days 1-9 YouTube Video


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  • Susan Hedgpeth
    Susan Hedgpeth

    Bill and I will be praying for you tonight. Susan Hedgpeth

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Cathy Coursey
    Cathy Coursey

    Continued prayers for the Quinn's.

    5 years ago · Reply