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Posted 2015-10-08T04:41:00Z

Grand Finale of Quinning4kidneys and Joe's update

Thanks to the National Kidney Foundation for all the support they have given Clay in his crazy 30 days of Backwards half court shots AND all of you wonderful folks who donated! He should blow away his original goal of $1000 which quickly morphed to $10,000 and now is at $20,000--- all to support kidney patients in the USA. There are still a few hours left(until 6pm on Thursday, October 8) and the link can be found at or by clicking here or copying this link You can see the video on Facebook also. Joe is improving and feeling well enough to start a few small projects around the house. He goes twice a week to doctors at Dallas Transplant Institute for monitoring of values. So far so good. His energy level should increase gradually. And Chelly has returned to work. What an incredible God we strive to serve who created most people with two kidneys and yet we can live and thrive with just one. And then He created humans smart enough and with advanced medicines that allow that extra kidney to be implanted in the side of another human AND it works!! Doing its job to keep the blood filtered, cleaned and balanced. That is INCREDIBLE! God is Good! Thank you ALL for your continued prayers and thoughts and our amazing children Clay, Jill, and Josh for keeping it all real and lite, having fun and helping us heal and taking the initiative in a unique way to try to help others! #blessed

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Comments (6)

  • Bob Osborne
    Bob Osborne

    Great news on all fronts for the Quinns! Y'all are amazing!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Karen Peckham
    Karen Peckham

    This is an amazing story I have been on the edge of my seat ive cried tears i pray and continue to pray this family is so strong and dr quinn and dr chelly have just amazed us all and yes god is good

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Madalina Baehl
    Madalina Baehl

    What uplifting news, Chelly! God listened to the many prayers and answered them. Incredible story! We will look forward to seeing you at the Austin Kangaroo Basketball games which will begin soon. Stay strong!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Christie Bell
    Christie Bell

    So happy knowing that all is well with everyone. Congrats to Clay on an incredible success story.

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Stephanie and Ronnie Chenault & Sophie
    Stephanie and Ronnie Chenault & Sophie

    Dr. Joe, you and your family's journey has been remarkable! Clay's ever so clever way to raise money for the NKF was brilliant and with a twist. Lol Congratulations, Clay on your great achievement! To the Quinn family, Thank You for letting us all share in your amazing story along the way! What a ride it has been! Continued prayers for each of you!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Joy Richardson
    Joy Richardson

    Such wonderful blessings! What more can be said other than your perfect words, God IS good! May His love and healing continue to be ever present with your family! ♡ Joy Richardson

    5 years ago · Reply