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Joe & Chelly Quinn - Journal

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Posted 2015-09-04T19:42:00Z


We just arrived home and Joe is sorting his pills into the one of those organizers! I am out on the porch with the dogs and want everyone to know how incredibly grateful we are for your continued support throughout this journey! The doctors and staff at Baylor could not have been nicer. Modern medicine and the abilities of the transplant team is awesome and the resounding message both Joe and I received is that God is Good, He's got this covered! Joe does have some restrictions including not being around crowds for many weeks so someone else will have to take over the "We are Raiders" cheer. He will have frequent visits for lab work and checkups. I will ease back into daily activity and hope to be back at the clinic by the end of September and running with Cooper, Jill and Blaze by mid October. Again we thank you all and a special shout to our "Quinning" #blessed team, the Sunnyvale schools, Clay and Beverly Clark and our hospital over nighters Clay, Jill, Josh, Kathleen, Paula and Lauren! love you ALL![...]

Posted 2015-09-03T00:23:13Z

Road to Recovery Day 1

Mom & Dad are both doing really well -- getting back to their normal selves little by little. Dad was successfully moved up to the 14th floor and is just around the corner from Mom's room. Earlier this afternoon, mom was able to walk down the hall to Dad's room and they got to see each other for the first time since surgery (besides FaceTime)!! [...]

Posted 2015-09-02T16:33:59Z

Wednesday Morning

Good Morning/Early Afternoon!! 

Like we said last night- both surgeries went off without a hitch and couldn't have gone any better! Mom & Dad were both looking and feeling much better this morning! Joe is doing well down in ICU and Chelly even got up and walked around a little bit earlier this morning. Breakfast consisted of some more frozen slushes and jello! We're hoping that dad will be able to move out of ICU and into a room on the 14th floor (where mom is) sometime after lunch. [...]

Posted 2015-09-02T01:12:24Z

Phase I Complete

Joe and Chelly are both in their rooms recovering after 2 successful surgeries. Both of their surgeons said things went perfectly to plan. Chelly's surgery was right around 2 hours and Joe's 2 and half-3. At this point we're waiting for Joe's body to accept Chelly's kidney and start filtering, which should start happening over the next couple of days. Joe's nurse and doctor both said they should know a great deal more about how everything is shaking out sometime tomorrow morning. For now, everything is as good as it can be! Chelly is up and ready to run a quick 5k!! 😜 Really though, she is doing well and enjoying her first meal- a pineapple fruit slush! Thank yall so much for your thoughts, prayers, and continued support--it's made everything very easy on us 3 kids and the entire family.

Posted 2015-09-01T19:15:52Z

Surgery update

Friends & Family: Surgery is underway! The doctor just reported that Chelly's surgery was successful and she will be headed to her recovery room soon. Joe's surgery began about 30 minutes ago. We got to hang out with both of them for a few hours this morning before they were wheeled off. Special thanks to friends and family who have taken time to come sit with us, bring lunch and keep us company! Joe should be out of surgery around 4 pm, and we will update you then about his surgery :) Jill, Clay, & Josh

Posted 2015-08-30T20:54:52Z

Thank YOU!

Joe and I can not fully express our thanks for the outpouring of prayers and support from friends, family, and the Sunnyvale community as well as our Town East-Galloway Animal Clinic staff and clients! It is almost overwhelming but we will use the energy to lift us up as we prepare for the surgery. We truly believe God's Hand will be guiding the surgeons and supporting and comforting our kids throughout the ordeal. We have the easy job, just show up and lie down. Let go and Let God. Joe's recovery will be a process and we will attempt to keep updating things at Thank you ALL so very much from the bottom of our hearts![...]

Posted 2015-08-24T02:56:49Z

Joe's kidney transplant

Joe is in stage five kidney failure secondary to diabetes. He will receive a kidney transplant from Chelly on Sept. 1 through Baylor Dallas Transplant Center. Please keep the Quinn family as well as the doctors and staff on the transplant team in your thoughts and prayers as they venture down this road together.[...]