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The Art of Suffering

I've had this idea stuck In my head about a website or blog for use, knowledge, tips, understanding, bonding, and communication between fellow younger adult's who suffer [...] read more

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Posted 2012-02-10T08:49:35Z

Give Me A Couple Days, Writer's Block...

I shall post a new update In a couple of days, I've got tremendous writer's block since I had to stop working on a .com site with this same name and purpose. I could not afford it by myself and seemingly no one wanted to help me spread the word about my site. I think It'll be much better off this way, because for free my information will be posted online and It doesn't really matter whether anyone cares to see it or not. There will be generations to come who will be smarter than we were, and they will start to help themselves and search for answers and understanding when they are younger, much like I did. I just didn't start online until over the last year or so. Either way, once you put something on the internet It's always there somewhere out there. I just hope what I can provide to users will come to a great advantage. Thank you.

Crystal Rosalie.

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