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The Baker Family

Updates for the health, healing and progress of Momma Missy and sweet baby Lincoln.

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Posted 2018-01-10T20:44:00Z

Lincoln's First Stem Cell Transfusion

I'm not sure who is still following this blog, but we wanted to give you all an update.  

Lincoln was accepted to participate in a clinical trial at Duke University to test the benefits of using donated stem cells and receiving multiple doses of stem cells.

Well, after jumping through many hoops and months of anxious waiting, the day has finally come.  Lincoln received a transfusion of his oldest brother's umbilical cord blood today. The effects of the treatment are not immediate and will take some time. We understand that there may be little or even no effect after the transfusion but we are praying for a miracle.  They didn't use all of the saved cord blood, so if we see positive results, we can bring him back to get the rest.  

There are success stories floating around from patients that participated in the earlier studies and we are praying that Lincoln becomes one of the next success stories.

Yes, we want to improve our son's quality of life, but we also hope that what is learned from Lincoln and other patients participating in this study helps stem cell treatment become the primary treatment for brain injuries.  Occupational and physical therapy can only help so much but hopefully stem cells are the key to help repair the damaged portions of the brain which has been impossible in the past.

There are so many people who have helped us get to this point and we thank you.  We have learned that there are so many people who love and care for us.  Just caring was enough, but you have gone out of your way to help us.  Prayers, time, donations, fundraiser organizing, baby-sitters, food, clothes, hugs, shoulders to cry on...I can't even think of all they ways we have been helped, but thank you.

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