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Missy & Lincoln Baker - Journal

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Posted 2017-06-15T19:23:26Z

Stem Cell Treatment for Lincoln

I apologize for the lack of updates.  Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support during this challenging time in our life.  I know many people were following this website to check on our progress, and we have not posted anything in quite a while.  My only excuse is that we didn't have many answers to post.[...]

Posted 2017-02-18T04:08:28Z

Happy Friday!

It's been a long 3 weeks, but we are so happy to announce that Missy was finally discharged today!!! Her nausea seems to have stopped and the scope on her stomach, esophagus and intestines showed no signs of anything abnormal. We are still waiting on her kidney biopsy results to come back, but her creatinine level dropped to 2.4 and her doctors are confident it will continue to drop on its own and that she does not need to stay in the hospital during that time. She will continue to have checkups over the coming weeks to ensure they are healing well on their own.[...]

Posted 2017-02-15T23:06:11Z

Update from the last couple of days...

Monday was a big day for the Baker family! Lincoln was discharged from the hospital and after two long and exhausting weeks, momma finally got to hold her sweet baby. We were finally able to bring Mavric up to Missy as well so we've spent the last two days loving on Mr. Lincoln and enjoying having the entire family together for the first time in two weeks.[...]

Posted 2017-02-12T18:11:00Z

Weekend Update

First, we would like to apologize for the lack of updates over the past 2 days and left people to worry. Thank you for caring so much about our family. One reason we haven't posted is that we have been trying to digest all the information coming at us and trying to learn what we need to do moving forward to give our boy the best chance of recovery. There isn't an easy way to say so here goes.[...]

Posted 2017-02-08T18:42:00Z

Wednesday update!


The plan today was to get Lincoln's ventilation switched to high flow. The nurse came in and noticed that his nasal cannula had slipped out and wasn't doing much support. She said that he never needed any help breathing and that the only reason he was on ventilation support was for the apnea spells. He hasn't had one in a while and no seizures so she said, "let's just try to skip high flow and see how he does without it." He seems very happy to get rid of the tube is doing fine on his own.[...]