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Posted 2017-02-15T23:06:11Z

Update from the last couple of days...

Monday was a big day for the Baker family! Lincoln was discharged from the hospital and after two long and exhausting weeks, momma finally got to hold her sweet baby. We were finally able to bring Mavric up to Missy as well so we've spent the last two days loving on Mr. Lincoln and enjoying having the entire family together for the first time in two weeks.

Unfortunately, Missy was not discharged on Monday as she was still feeling nauseous and getting sick. Her creatinine level starting going up again which is not a good sign and they are trying to find the cause.

This morning the doctors did an ultrasound on her gallbladder, but said everything appeared normal. They also did a kidney biopsy to check for an infection or something else that could be stopping the kidneys from healing themselves. She is in recovery now and we will hopefully find out the results tomorrow but it could take up to 48 hours. Tomorrow morning they will also be scoping her stomach, esophagus and upper intestine to rule out ulcers or any other cause of the nausea and high creatinine level.

Please keep the prayers coming so we can get Missy healthy and out of the hospital!


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  • Sue Pickens
    Sue Pickens

    Hang in there! All of you will have your normal soon. Prayers for the whole family. Love you. Mr. Lincoln is so darling and very precious. Lots of prayers and love from Texas!

    3 years ago · Reply