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beatrix pook beatrix pook

Dear Hayden and Family,
we are all sad to hear that your little sweet boy and you all have to go through such difficult times. Please stay optimistic and trust in quick recovery of your wife and Lincoln. Newborn's adaptation and healing is amazing. Giving Lincoln all needed love and care will help him to recover.
All good wishes from Bavaria.


Wynell Wilson Wynell Wilson

Hayden, this is Wynell Wilson. Randy White just shared with me this morning about your baby. He shared the link with me, and I just read about Missy and Lincoln. You all are in my prayers, Hayden; may God continue to be very near you and your family during this time.

beatrix pook beatrix pook

Dear Hayden and family,
the Freising ESH team is thinking of you all and wishes further good progress to your wife and the little sweet boy.
We trust that everything will be going well. Please take care of yourself.

Kindest regards,

Connie Gentry Connie Gentry

Bless your heart for various reasons 😍 I am so sorry you are having to go through this and pray for you and Lincoln to have complete healing. It's going to happen so just take advantage of the rest your body requires. Your baby is so beautiful and is such a fighter ! You are such a good Mom to your three boys 💙 Be strong with your faith and know you have a very large fan club praying for all of you. Love you, Connie Gentry

Brenda Bensema Brenda Bensema

Missy and Hayden - I was a faculty member in the Biology Department with Mary when you two were dating. I have seen your beautiful family in fb pictures and was absolutely shocked to hear of this. Kent's post on fb about your birth made me cry. I remember and love you two so much and am praying for that precious baby, as well as you and your entire family. Am glad to read that things seem to be heading in the right direction. - Brenda

Rebecca Coker Rebecca Coker

Sweet Missy, we are praying continuously for a complete healing for you and Lincoln. He is strong and beautiful just like his mommy. Love you. Becky and Kai. 💓

Russ Abrams Russ Abrams

Our family has been praying daily for you guys. How crazy that just last Sunday we were laughing about the baby coming, the big brothers, and more. Then the terrifying news, our fears and pleas to God for healing, and now hearing God is answering.

So looking forward to you guys presenting that beautiful boy to our church family. We love you guys and will continue to pray.
Rusty & Alane Abrams

Stacy Hutchens Stacy Hutchens

I have been praying for you and your sweet baby boy daily❤️ I hope we can keep your dad from busting you both out of the hospital and home! Continue to rest and we will continue to pray.

Michelle Bocan Michelle Bocan

Sweet Missy,
We have been praying for you and Lincoln non stop! We love you and cant wait for you and Lincoln to get better so we can love on both of you. May God place his healing hands on you and Lincoln. God Bless and see you soon!!!

The Bocan family

Joell Wiley Joell Wiley

Hey Missy!!! I just want you to know that I'm praying without ceasing!!! I love you so much, friend! I'll see you and Lincoln soon! He's just beautiful!!!

Alane Abrams Alane Abrams

Praises. Praises. Praises!! Lord continue to heal Missy! We thank you so much for hearing and for answering. Grant Missy peace and let her know she is convered in prayer all day and that You are hearing and You are answering. That You desire to give her the desires of her heart.
Thank you for sweet Lincoln and for his continued healing. We know you have a special purpose for his life and we want to be a part of helping him live out that purpose. Bless Hayden and Missy in this journey. Strengthen their faith. Let them know they are loved and covered in prayer constantly.