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Posted 2018-09-08T23:42:29Z

The Joy of Giving

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been truly touched by the outpouring of support for my one year anniversary in remission.

Kim Burton and Lisa Davies reached out to so many of you to do something very special by raising money for the Hairy Cell Leukemia Foundation. HCL is a rare disease and only 800 people are diagnosed each year out of the 1.7 million Americans who are diagnosed with cancer each year. In fact HCL is often called an orphan disease because there are so few patients that large biomedical and pharmaceutical companies rarely invest in drug development since the market is so small. This means that private donations are a very important source for research grants as well as patient education.

Here is the good news. Kim Burton told me that you have collectively donated $600 to the HCL Foundation. Thank you to all who made a donation!!

Anna Lambertson, the Executive Director of the HCL Foundation, has been sending me a letter for each contribution. Since she is a one person office, the letters have been arriving for several days now. Happily, I now have a desk drawer full of letters and I know that more are on the way.

I am sustained in my journey by your support. Since words alone cannot convey my feelings, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I am sending a matching contribution for $600 to the HCL Foundation. Together we are supporting all the other patients, survivors, and families in the HCL community. I am touched almost beyond words by your kindness and generosity.

Your gifts will help provide hope until the day when we have a cure.

With heartfelt thanks,







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Comments (2)

  • Katya Newmark
    Katya Newmark

    Jim, your matching contribution is a beautiful gesture to friendship and to the intention to support research for this orphan disease. xo Katya

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Angela Braun
    Angela Braun

    You inspire kindness and generosity, Jimbo. I hope the letters remind you that you’re surrounded by people who care, and there will be no “orphan” status for you or your condition. Much love from us! Angela, Steve, Tovi and Roo 💕💕

    2 years ago · Reply