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Michael Girsch Michael Girsch

Hey Jim! My family and I are thinking about ya. Congrats on it being one year! Great job! My son Jude would even say that the Force is strong within you! Here he is on his first day of daycare this year. I'm looking forward to seeing you this fall. Hang in there!

Jodi Malmgren Jodi Malmgren

Happy to hear the good news Jim.

Valerie casale Valerie casale

Tom and I are glad your doing well.

Jerry Linkon Jerry Linkon


Kelly sent me your web page. Great news for you.

Next Tuesday at 6pm is the monthly support group meeting of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There are three facilitators who have been coming for years to this group: an extremely knowledgeable oncology nurse from the Moore's Cancer Center, a social worker, and a retired nurse. Any current leukemia/lymphoma patient, survivor, and caregiver (spouse, partner, friend, etc.), or any other interested person can attend. You can ask any question you want. My wife and I have been going to this group for about 7 years, since my wife went into remission from large B cell lymphoma.

In case you are interested, the address of the meeting is at 3890 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92123. Terrie Stevens can answer any questions ahead of the meeting at (619) 788-8735. The meeting time, as I wrote above, is at 6pm.

P.S. There is no fee at attend, and there is always water/soft drinks, and usually a couple attendees bring hot food. Rather amazing.

Jerry Linkon-UCSD

Marty and Zehra Marty and Zehra

Terrific news Jim. Your plans for the future are spot balance, exercise, diet, naps, fun, more fun.....celebration. Very happy to hear.

Julie Van Vechten-Smith Julie Van Vechten-Smith

YES! Fantastic news!! So happy to hear this, Jim!! Hope you're celebrating! :)

Angela Braun Angela Braun

You are in our thoughts and prayers today, Jimbo, as every day, for a good outcome at the Oncologist. Wish we could be there with you.
Love from us!
Angela, Steve, Tovi and Roo

Cindy Casale Cindy Casale

Jim, so glad you are feeling better - just keep taking those naps and relaxing. Mick and I and the boys have you in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas!

Lisa Davies Lisa Davies

We love you, Jim! ❤️

Darin Smith-Gaddis Darin Smith-Gaddis

I've been in the Boston office this week, and the first thing both David Enda and John Christian asked me was how you were doing. Of course they know you are totally going to kick this cancer and never look back. You've got love and support coming all the way from Boston!

Angela Braun Angela Braun

All I had to say was, "Remember the time Skeeter peed on Uncle Jimbo?"

Sheri Liebovich Sheri Liebovich

It was so great seeing you at the office today, Jim! Your great energy and attitude are contagious! I'm glad to hear you're almost half way done too!