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They Call Me Dean

Welcome to Dean's site. We wanted to provide a place where friends and family can come to for updates on his health.

Latest journal entry

Update 2/16/19

Hello All --

The Lord has seen fit to wake us this morning and extend new mercies. Thank You, Lord.

APPOINTMENTS (picture of Dean waiting in my office for us to go to his appointment): Dean had his echocardiogram on Thursday. That alone made it a memorable Valentine's Day seeing all of the different pictures of Dean's heart. There was a contrast of blue and red colors showing the blood flow going in and out. At one point, the picture looked just like flames generating from his heart. It made me think of my nickname for Dean, General Goldenheart. The technicians were fantastic. They were friendly, thorough and very informative. We are hoping results will rule out any potential heart risk in relation to why Dean is blacking out. 

FALL DETECTION DEVICE (seen in pictures): We received the "MyNotifi" device late this week and trying it out. The device sends a message to Dean's cell detecting a fall and asking if he has fallen. He can press Yes or No. If he does not press anything within 50 seconds, it will send an auto-text message to the emergency contact(s) entered in the set-up feature. Our plan is to input emergency information today. Dean's been wearing the device for about 2 days and has had about 6-7 notifications asking if he has fallen. It seems to be calibrating a baseline for his activities the more wears it.

With this rainy weather and the forecast calling for rain over the next 10 or more days, it often has an adverse effect on Dean's pain. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. We certainly appreciate it and do not take your love and support for granted.

God bless you all!

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