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They Call Me Dean

Welcome to Dean's site. We wanted to provide a place where friends and family can come to for updates on his health.

Latest journal entry


Most of you already know the good news we received from the Neurologist appointment on 4/25/19.

He could not say what the cause is for Dean's two black-outs last year however he did conclude that Dean has not had mini strokes.  He also reported that the white matter present in his scans is so miniscule that it isn't anything to be concerned about.  Since Dean has not had any more black-outs within the past 4 months, the doctor said he could resume driving if he was without incident for a total of 6 months.

The Neurologist is working with Dean to help resolve his recurrent migraines.  He is also ordering an EEG which is scheduled for next week.

All in all, we are seeing this as good news about the white matter present.  Thank You, Lord, for a good report and thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!

If all continues to go well, we hope to take down this posting site in June.

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